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The Berkeley Wire: 3.17.10

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Ditch your electronics — in a good way

electronic waste
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This Sunday we get the opportunity to rid our garages and basements, our stuffed office cabinets and closets, of all the electronic waste we inevitably accumulate over the years.

The School for Social Justice and Ecology at BHS  is organizing an Electronic Waste Collection from 10am-4pm at the school at 1980 Allston Way.

The following items will be recycled for free: TVs, monitors, laptops, flat screens, cell phones, inkjet cartridges. There’s a $5.00 fee to recycle the following: CPUs, stereos, … Continue reading »

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Apologies for our current look

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As I write this at 1:20 p.m., Berkeleyside is experiencing some technical difficulties and our presentation has been severely compromised. You may notice the large white space to the right of this column which is usually chock-full of delicious content.

We apologize for this and are working to fix the problem, whatever it is, ASAP.

Update Problem fixed at 2:17 p.m. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.


Help identify North Berkeley robbery suspect

Robbery suspect
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A possible suspect for a series of residential burglaries in north Berkeley has been identified and the Police Department would like the community’s help in identifying him.

Detectives believe as many as seven burglaries, which began in late February and are still ongoing, may be connected to the suspect, pictured above. He is described as: black male adult, 25-30 years old, 5-10, thin build with hair in dreadlocks.

The suspect was last seen prowling residences in the 1600 block of Lincoln … Continue reading »

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Has that car been in the same place for 72 hours?

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You may not know this — we certainly didn’t — but if your car is left parked in the same spot in Berkeley for 72 hours, it can be towed. Really.

This information comes to us courtesy of Berkeley City Council Member Gordon Wozniak’s latest District 8 newsletter, in which he cites the ordinance in question:

It is unlawful for any person to park or leave standing, or cause to be parked or left standing any vehicle upon any public … Continue reading »


Recent rash of fights brings more police to BHS

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When I went to pick up my daughters at Berkeley High on Tuesday afternoon, I was struck by the presence of a large number of Berkeley cops on bicycles.

At least four police officers were on Milvia Street right after school got out at 3:30 pm. Two were cycling around and two were stationed on Bancroft. There may have been more police officers on Martin Luther King.

They were there because of a recent rash of incidents at the … Continue reading »

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Michael Lewis: I don’t make $$ when my books become movies

Michael Lewis
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Michael Lewis may have a slew of bestselling books, but he doesn’t  make much money when they become movies.

Ten days after Sandra Bullock won a Best Actress Oscar for her role in The Blind Side – which was originally a book by Lewis – he told Fresh Air’s Terry Gross that he will never see a penny from that film.

“Are you asking me if I got rich off that movie?”  Lewis said in a radio interview broadcast … Continue reading »

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Where in Berkeley?

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Know where this is? Take a guess and let us know in the comments.

Photo by Tracey Taylor.


Comment: Emerson students at risk from traffic

Emerson map
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In the month when the Berkeley Police Department is focusing on pedestrian safety, reader Anne Whyte has written an open letter to Berkeley City Council Member Gordon Wozniak about what she believes is a “perfect storm” of danger for the students at Emerson Elementary School (shown as “A” on the map above), arising from heavy traffic in the area. We publish it below:

Gordon, will you please get the corner of College Avenue and Garber Street designated as … Continue reading »

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