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UC Berkeley

The Berkeley Wire: 3.26.10

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Put on your dancing shoes, go outside, and dance

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If you are out for lunch and see people dancing in the streets, don’t be alarmed.

Today is Dance Anywhere day, a time when people are encouraged to hoof it up and wiggle to interior music.

Started in Berkeley six years ago by conceptual artist Beth Hines, Dance Anywhere is now a global concept, with people dancing  in Turkey, Australia, Sweden and Ireland. The idea is to break down the boundaries between art and life and to … Continue reading »

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Scouting Berkeley: Mosaic street blockers

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Berkeley has a reputation for eclectic creativity, often reflected in brightly painted murals, BART station drum circles, and colorful protests. Some of my favorite random examples of Berkeley character are the “concrete street blocker thingies” (for lack of a better term — does anyone actually know their technical name?) at the intersection of Ashby and Fulton. [Update: reader Thomas Lord helpfully informs us they are called bollards.] Each of the four bollards has a unique mosaic, and … Continue reading »

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Willard students win national video prize

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Willard Middle School students Eric Kahler and Guthrie Kornbluth submitted the above video, “Public Option, Insuring a Healthier Nation”, in a nationwide C-Span video competition, winning third place for middle school entries.  More than 1,000 entries were received in the contest, StudentCam 2010. The contest called for students to submit a five- to eight-minute documentary on either “one of our country’s greatest strengths” or “a challenge the country is facing”.

Kahler and Kornbluth received a $750 prize and … Continue reading »


Berkeley Bites: Ari Derfel and Eric Fenster

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Each Friday in this space food writer Sarah Henry asks a well-known, up-and-coming, or under-the-radar food aficionado about their favorite tastes in town, preferred food purveyors and other local culinary gems worth sharing.

Ari Derfel and Eric Fenster, who run the recently opened Gather restaurant, met at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on Eric’s first week on campus. A road trip to the Rockies cemented the friendship. A few years later, they bumped into each other at a … Continue reading »

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Berkeley Police Department’s past continues to influence the officers of today

Pictures of ears used to identify suspects
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On Wednesday, Berkeleyside published the first part of a two-part interview with Berkeley’s new Police Chief, Michael Meehan. Today we give you Part II.

Deep in the bowels of the Berkeley Police Department is an L-shaped hallway that is a shrine to the department’s past.

There is an old lie detector encased in a wooden box, a scale to weigh inmates, and an autographed picture of President John F. Kennedy, probably signed when he came to UC … Continue reading »

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