UC Berkeley

Hunger strike ends, students meet with chancellor

According to Hungry for Justice, the UC Berkeley hunger strike protesting Arizona’s immigration law will be suspended. Activists involved in the strike are meeting with Chancellor Robert Birgeneau in California Hall now. The meeting was scheduled for 4 p.m., but the students didn’t actually enter until 4:15.

Here’s the statement from Hungry for Justice:

After much pressure from students, workers, and faculty and lengthy discussions with California Hall, the administration has agreed to enter negotiations over our concerns.  These are first steps in working towards making CAL a better, safer, more inclusive, place for the Raza community in particular, and the CAL community at large.

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  • Gary Price

    Thats what we need more of…..ACTIVISTS….Freedom of speech should be a privilidge of not a hand full of few to be force fed to the many, who say enough is enough, we need to be more aware of our boarders and who is in our country illegally, it shouldnt be up to those who work and pay taxes to feed those who are here illegally, my ancestors had to speak english before they became citizens of this country and they didnt have to push one first, this country is built from the blood of patriots……the only thing I see wrong with this picture is this goverment rewards bad behavior just look in our prisons and the crime rate of illegals in this country if the activist in this country dont agree then you as well as the illegals can go to mexico,cuba or any other country that will take you.