Brad and Angelina in Berkeley

People at the Claremont Hotel apparently kept their cool on Saturday when the world’s hottest celebrity couple appeared in their midst.

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and their brood of six children spent the afternoon at the Claremont’s pool and health club, according to some members of the club.

While Pitt worked out in the exercise room, Jolie and the children swam in the hotel’s Olympic-size pool. Lucky for them the fog burned off.

Pitt is in town to film Moneyball, based on Berkeley resident Michael Lewis’ book on the Oakland A’s. Other members of the cast, including Philip Seymour Hoffman and Jonah Hill, are reportedly also staying at the hotel.

While New Yorkers (and much of ther rest of the world) were focused on Chelsea Clinton’s wedding in New York, Berkeley residents got Brangelina.

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  • Marcus

    I was at the Claremont yesterday and only Brad,shiloh and zahara were there. Angelina wasn’t swimming in no pool. Neither were the 4 other children.

  • visitor1

    Awesome! Phillip Seymour Hoffman! Can’t get any better than this! I am off to see if I can get a peek at celebrities while swimming at the same time!

  • Visitor

    We were actually at the Bittersweet Chocolate cafe and spied Philip Seymour Hoffman. He was very polite, but definitely trying to lay low.

  • Visitor2

    Think I may have to see if I can grab a drink at the Claremont tonight after work. :)

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  • OMG I saw philip at this bus stop, like sitting on the bench and he was wearing this khaki baseball cap and sunglasses and a kind of 5’oclock shadow but it was totally him so I sat down next to him you know, like close enough to be like totally close to f’ing phillip seymour hoffman but not so close that he could just move away without making a scene in case, you know, he knew that I knew who he was and so there we were and he was like really tense man and we were waiting for the bus up to tilden which kinda makes sense given he’s from out of town and such and so I said “hey, how you doin'” and he he said “hey” and I kind of bumped up against his shoulder and it was totally hot like in that film “doubt” but without the creepy parts and you know he was really funny and you could kinda tell that just from his body language it was like one of those old timey movie guys from before they had words and stuff but anyway, he’s like totally kind and we should all just give him some space except you know, if he’s like into it or something.

  • deirdre

    so…. TL…. do people ever mistake you for PSH?

  • Deirdre: only once but at an auspicious occasion and, in particular, after the wedding my new wife forgave me for the deception.

  • ronald reagan

    I wouldnt get too excited the entire Brad-gelina group checked out of the claremont on Monday 8.2.10

    If U didnt get to see themm over the weekend its too late…….off to europe for their next movie in Italy

  • Carolyn Jones

    Well, all very nice, except the Claremont Hotel is actually in Oakland. Sorry!

  • Actually Carolyn, while most of the Claremont is in Oakland, some of it is in Berkeley. Making things more complicated is the hotel’s address, which is in Berkeley.

  • Carolyn Jones

    Well, even BAHA says it’s in Oakland…

    And it’s listed as an Oakland historic landmark:

    True, the mailing address is Berkeley, but their hotel taxes go to Oakland…

  • RKPhillips

    Brad, Angelina and the kids have not left for Europe or anywhere else as of yet…….i saw all of them today at the Oakland Coliseum during filming of “Moneyball”. Angelina and at least 4 of the kids showed up unexpectedly “between takes” late in the day. There are still several days of filming left…..not that Brad himself will necessarily be in the shoots……but I expect he will be in some of the scenes before the crew leaves town.

  • AtotheF

    Did the Brangelina clan really check out 8.2.10 bc Angelina and kids were at Rockridge Kids buying toys this afternoon. Ronald Reagan trying to throw us off the scent OR is Brangelina staying elsewhere?

  • JNG

    I suspect Brad is here to film scenes for the Billy Ball movie about the A’s….

  • btowngal

    Spotted: Jonah Hill at Yogurtland on Shattuck today! With a blonde girl and they were kissing. Oddly enough, I saw them walk in to a movie theatre purchasing tickets for the movie “Cyrus”. Awkward?

  • Claremont Member

    What an abnormal life they have…

    I’m sure there is a lot of upside, but a lot of downside too…

    For the parents its not a big deal….this is their choice….for the kids, you gotta worry….

  • ronald reagan

    Annoying Claremont club members like the person who wrote this article should mind their own business and go about using the club training facilities i.e. instead of blogging on an on about what they saw at the club pool i.e. Brad and Angelina

    bringing attention to this only invades their privacy at the hotel ……by attracting the paparazzi,loopy groupies ,and
    clubbies and their annoying children

  • ronald reagan

    there is a downside to being famous especially when u have nosy club members invading VIP guest privacy……sad

  • Bride

    I got married and checked out of the Claremont on JUly 26th- and there is PHillip Seymour Hoffman in a red baseball cap. He says to me “is that your getaway car?” I shrugged him off…and then realized who it was….wished i talked to him more, he seems really cool!

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