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The Berkeley Wire: 8.3.10

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Yarn bombers decorate Elmwood district

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The yarn bombers descended into the Elmwood district on Monday and left behind some colorful decorations. They also put yarn wraps around the Rose Garden last week. For more photos, look here.

The artist who calls herself Streetcolor said these yarn sculptures were inspired by the work of a glass artist named Klaus Moje. “I pick out a piece of an artist I like and duplicate their colors exactly,” … Continue reading »

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8 down, 8 letters

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As much as Berkeleyside tries to get away on vacation, sometimes there’s no escaping.

I sat down this morning to do the crossword in The Guardian during our stay in London. I struggled for a while with 8 down: Wally meets sweetheart beside a line in California (8). I had the first and third letter, but I couldn’t figure out what it could be. When insight came, I felt abashed that it had taken so long. If Berkeleyside readers want to know the answer, I’ve put it below the fold. … Continue reading »

Real estate

Message to renters and landlords: you have rights

Kim Weisberg has found a condo to rent near Lake Merritt, and has tips for other renters.
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Berkeleyside contributing writer Kim Weisberg has been chronicling her search for a new home on Berkeleyside, reporting on lessons learned and listing scams, among other things. Recently she found a condo she and her partner loved in the Adam’s Point neighborhood of Lake Merritt and signed a rental agreement. Before they moved in, however, there was the little matter of settling a dispute with their Berkeley landlord.

Berkeley (like many university-oriented cities) has a reputation … Continue reading »

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Big Screen Berkeley: High and Low

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March 23rd marked the 100th anniversary of the birth of Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa, who died in 1998 at the age of 88. The birthday celebrations have been suitably impressive: almost every feature film he ever made screened on Turner Classic Movies in March, and Pacific Film Archive has matched TCM’s fervor with an Akira Kurosawa Centennial celebration that began in June and runs through the end of August.

Amongst the hitherto obscure delights I’ve discovered in the course of … Continue reading »

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