Brad and Angelina have (or not) left the premises

Angelina Jolie and kids leave Rockridge Kids

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and their children left the East Bay and the Claremont Hotel and Spa on Monday, but reports of their doings while in town are still surfacing.

Many people saw Zahara and Shiloh swimming in the Claremont’s baby pool, with Brad at times and with bodyguards at other times. The Claremont apparently closed the pool to everyone else, according to a member of the hotel’s club. That didn’t sit too well with club members who had been trying to respect the family by acting casually around them.

On Sunday, Aug. 1, Tuesday, Aug. 3, Angelina and Pax, 6, Zahara, 5,  and Shiloh, 4,  spent a long time few minutes at the Rockridge Kids toy store on College Avenue, and left with a shopping bag, according to a clerk at Rockridge Kids.  the online gossip site JustJared. Shiloh  was photographed wearing a backwards Oakland A’s cap. Pitt was in town filming Moneyball, the Michael Lewis-penned story of Oakland A’s manager Billy Beane.

When they returned to the Claremont Hotel, (on Sunday) the family came in by a back entrance. Angelina was driven in a black Jaguar, followed by a large car with her kids and bodyguards. A bystander who glimpsed Jolie through the window said “she was the most beautiful woman” she had ever seen.

Shiloh Pitt wearing Oakland A's hat

Update: Lots of people say Brangelina is still in town. I am willing to believe, but prove me wrong.

Update #2: I called Rockridge Kids and learned that Angelina and her children stopped by on Tuesday. I had said they left because a friend called the couple’s production company on Tuesday. (He was trying to get a product to Pitt.) The production company told him that Brangelina had left the East Bay.

Lesson learned: celebrity reporting is mostly made up of hearsay, thought-I-saws- and other erroneous information.

And here are some pictures showing the family on set with Pitt at the Oakland Coliseum:

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  • James

    This story is totally inaccurate as these pictures were taken on the afternoon of Tuesday August 3rd and not Sunday August the 1st. Due to this fact the part about Brad and Angelina leaving town on Sunday is also not accurate. Brad was shooting Tuesday at the A’s stadium.

  • Okay James I am more than willing to be wrong. In fact after I posted this story I spoke with someone who was at the A’s game last night and had heard Brad Pitt was there. So I ask you: how do you know this story is inaccurate, i.e. how do you these picture were taken Tuesday Aug. 3? If your sources are so good, please share.

  • Neal

    Well, the site where these pix were initially posted says that they were taken on Tuesday afternoon:

  • Jensie

    omigod. Berkeley’s own Ppl Mag now! Who knew?

  • James

    I think you will find whatever site you took the pictures from (Actually a © violation) would have clearly stated when and where the pictures were taken from. This is the website for the photo agency that took them Maybe you can call them and ask them for permission to run the pictures and also when they were taken if you are still in doubt. At the very least you could give them a photo credit.

  • There is nothing at all creepy about following small children to a toy store, taking 20 or stealthy photos of them, and making a little money by blasting them all over the internet for people to discuss how cute they are what kinds of clothes they have on. Indeed: when I think of Berkeley why that’s often the first kind of thing that comes to mind.

  • Ellen

    I thought once photos were put on the Internet they became public domain, although I could be wrong.

  • Ellen, that’s definitely incorrect (and, apparently, is also a common misunderstanding).

    See, for example: “The 7 Deadly Myths of Internet Copyright”

  • I’m with Thomas on this one – I’ve been following the story, but also have misgivings about having photos and whereabouts made so public.

    Regarding photography & copyright – I’ve taken to resizing all my photos to 720 x 720 pixels (that fits the iRa iPad perfectly) AND watermarking (usually fairly subtle, but there) just about every photo I post online.

    That way people can view my photos, but perhaps will stop and think before using them without getting my OK.

    iRa (also known as Eye-Ra, perhaps an incarnation of the Egyptian god of photography)

  • eoghan

    Who gives a dam!

  • Marina

    Thomas… Amen to that.

    If they are still in town, hope they are able to enjoy it without the fuss

  • eliane

    This “story” really bugs me. Maybe there are people who are excited that Brad and Angelina and family were in Rockridge (and the Claremont!), fine, but if the photographs hadn’t been included maybe it wouldn’t be quite so voyeuristic and kind of embarrassing.

  • The adults are public figures, the kids aren’t.

    Bill & Hillary Clinton made it very clear to that Chelsea’s privacy was to be respected.


  • Elmwood Neighbor

    Enough of the photos of the children. I would like to think Berkeley is a place where people can come and be left alone when they are doing private things.

  • foo

    Please to stop posting these kinds of stories. Real news only. kthx.

  • Diane

    What is Berkeleyside now – “Us” Magazine?

  • Graham

    This story – and the photos of the kids in particular – was in very poor taste.

  • s.c

    I can say that the picture was taken on Aug 3. I was an extra in that movie and i was also there while Angelina visited brad with the kids that day. And Im pretty sure that Brad is still in town considering I saw him on set 4 hours ago during filming. But since today was the last day of filming, he could be gone by now.