Berkeley slaying victim was planning to marry

Adolfo Ignacio Celedon.

The 35-year-old man who was shot and killed Sunday night while walking home from a party was a Chilean native who planned to marry his American fiancée next year.

Adolfo Ignacio Celedón had moved to Berkeley in February to be with his fiancée, a graduate student in architecture at UC Berkeley, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. The pair had met a few years ago when the woman, whose name has not been released, went to Chile on vacation. Mutual friends introduced the couple, according to the Chronicle.

Celedón died Sunday morning — his 35th birthday — after two assailants shot him during a robbery near the Ashby BART station. Celedón and his girlfriend had been walking home from a party at 3:41 a.m. when they were attacked on Adeline near Emerson. Celedón was shot several times and was later pronounced dead at Highland Hospital in Oakland. His fiancée was punched during the robbery, but only suffered minor injuries.

The couple had planned to marry next year, according to the Chronicle.

Celedón’s father and two sisters flew in from Chile to identify his body, according to the Chronicle.

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  • laura menard

    From the north Oakland yahoo group message board:

    As discussed in last nights NCPC* meeting, there have been a number of
    horrific muggings in our neighborhood this Summer and now a murder
    just North of the Oakland border in Berkeley. Reading the descriptions
    of these many crimes, the NCPC believes these violent robberies and
    murder were probably commited by the same group of individuals.

    I want you to know the description of these crimes and to give you
    some information to both keep you safe and possibly help the NCPC.

    Crime Locations: Two robberies at 56thxDover, one at Aileen x MLK, and
    a murder at Adeline x Emerson (Berkeley)

    Crime descriptions:Two, very thin, African-American, teen males
    approach on foot and use a gun, pointing at the victim’s face, to rob
    their victim. (They seem to be targeting people with backpacks
    (laptops?) and iPods.) In one instance an African-American female
    joined the two males. After the robbery they escape in a gray or
    silver, late 90s, “rounded”, maybe Dodge Charger which has been parked
    nearby with an accomplice in the drivers seat.

    The getaway car has been parked on Dover, near 56th for three of the
    robberies, which all have occurred after 10pm at night. One witness
    believes they cruise the neighborhood in this car looking for victims.
    If you see a car matching this description, with 3 or 4 African
    American teens in it and cruising slowly, please try to get the
    license plate # and a good description of the car including any
    identifying dents or bumper stickers and call the Non Emergency number
    immediately: 777-3333.

    Additional Information: This car with 3 or 4 passengers has been seen
    driving around our neighborhood from 53rd street, North into the South
    Berkeley area. This is their hunting ground and, if they aren’t
    caught, they will strike again.

    If you do see this vehicle and the people matching this description,
    or you have more information regarding these crimes you’d like to
    report to the police, please report it to the NCPC crime database:
    cpbeat11x@…. If you see a crime happening, call 911 from your
    cellphone using THIS number: 777-3211.

    *Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council, Shattuck Division covering the
    Bushrod and Idora Park neighborhoods.