The all-time best sunset?

Lots of Berkeleyans have noticed the extraordinary sunsets we’ve had the last two evenings. Daniel Parks had the wherewithal to get his camera out, get into the hills and take an iconic shot yesterday evening.

Update: It gets better.

Danielle Peña took this amazing photo last night.

Update: And Maureen Sullivan sent in this:

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  • Wonderful photo. In our family, we’ve been calling these spectacular (and orangey) sunsets “SF Giants’ sunsets.”

  • Denton

    The view was much better from the elevated BART tracks in North Oakland at around 6:30 pm. The SF skyline was silhouetted against the sky at that point. Amazing.

  • Alan Tobey

    Not only was the sky wonderful, it was warm enough to eat an early dinner outdoors — 10 degrees warmer at 6 PM than during our frigid midsummer this year.

    Where else in the northern hemisphere is it warmer at dinnertime in November than it is in July? No wonder we vote so differently than our Red neighbor states to the east . . .

    Hoping for three in a row tonight.

  • Eric Panzer

    I’m going to have to say that Dec. 31st, 2007 was the best I’ve ever seen, personally. For lack of a better description, the sky was like thousands of toaster filaments. Not to knock this one at all, I was quite taken with it.

  • T.T.Nhu

    Did anyone notice that the sunset was orange and black?
    Go Giants! The sunset offset the bad news about the
    election –except in California. After 40 years of watching
    sunsets in California, these were extraordinary!

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  • kallen

    i wonder if these sunsets are more excellent lately due to Indonesia’s Mount Merapi recent eruption.