Sneak peek: Up close on the new Bay Bridge span

The end of the new span looking towards Treasure Island. All photos: Robert Trachtenberg.

Berkeleysider Robert Trachtenberg was lucky enough to be invited recently to join a special field trip with one of the engineers for the new span of the Bay Bridge. He shared his photographs with Berkeleyside…

This section will carry cables.

Temporary steel structure awaiting the next concrete and steel section.

New five-lane bridge looking towards Berkeley.

This solid piece of steel will carry the cables for the bridge.

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  • Great photos, thanks for sharing. I can’t wait to ride my bike across when it opens.

  • Maureen Burke

    Ditto–I’m loving those photos of the bridge in progress. I didn’t know about a bike lane–will there be one?

  • Oooh! Thank you!

  • Bruce Love

    I’m just guessing (an educated guess) but the archivist at the Transportation Library at Cal might very well be interested in getting copies of the photos, etc. They would be of a kind with much of their archives.

  • Maureen: There’s a 15.5 foot wide bike/ped/wheelchair lane on the south side of the bridge. Should have magnificent views: Unfortunately, this will only get us as far as Yerba Buena Island, but there’s talk about building a service/bike/ped/wheelchair lane over the edge of the rest of the bridge (but who knows if/when that will be built). Perhaps the most popular argument for the new lane on the old bridge is that CalTrans could use it for much of their service needs (like is done on the Golden Gate bridge), so they would need to close lanes of auto traffic less often.

  • Bill

    Wonderful photos

  • Name Withheld

    Great photos! Very interesting!
    I can’t wait to see it completed.

    The bridge looks nice enough that it’s easy to forget that it’s a $6 billion+ boondoggle that won’t reduce congestion or significantly improve safety, that relied on cheap and flawed parts shipped over from China.

    But at least it looks great, and I’m very happy about the pedestrian lane and proposed parks near its Oakland touchdown.

  • DC

    Thank you! This is so cool. I can’t get enough of construction photos!

  • Maureen Burke

    Thanks for the link Lee. It would be so neat to cross the entire Bay Bridge without a car.

  • max

    Even though the bike lane will only go halfway, it will still be an awesome ride out to T.I., and a thrilling downhill cruise back home! I’m getting old but I hope to have many years of that being a standard Sunday ride….can hardly wait.

  • Kelly Cash

    Truly wonderful photographs. Makes me feel excited about the project! Thank you Berkeley-siders!

  • Frank Nachtman

    Very cool. Photographer Tom Paiva has been documenting the new span — there are some incredible night images of the Bay Bridge construction on his website: