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Comic Relief closes

Comic Relief. Photo courtesy of Allan Ferguson.

Comic Relief, the iconic comic book store on Shattuck Avenue, closed its doors yesterday. The closing has been likely for months, with reduced business and staff turnover following the death of founder Rory Root two years ago. Berkeleysider Christopher Allen pointed us to a tribute to the store on Shannon A’s blog. Shannon suggests that science fiction specialist Dark Carnival plans to reopen the store under a different name if they can secure the lease.

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  • Name Withheld

    Wow, that’s really sad.

    I guess I missed the original story about this. If I had known they were doing so poorly I would have gone out of my way to make some purchases there.

  • Terry Regan

    What happened to the cat?

  • James Friel

    Both cats are safe, and will be employed in the new store, whether it opens at that address or another one.

  • not that Todd

    Both cats have a temporary home until the new store opens.

  • This will ultimately be a good thing for all involved. While the shop may not go on as Comic Relief or even at the same location, it’s an incredibly positive step toward giving Jim & Chris the freedom they need to bring Berkeley’s premiere comic bookstore back to life. I think there will be a lot more goodwill toward this new venture than there would have been with the previous owner still in charge. Everyone at Image Comics wishes Jim, Chris and their new business partners the best of luck!

  • Really

    LOL, what happened to the cat? What do you think happened to the cat?

    Cat was boxed up with the merch.

  • chris juricich

    It’s odd that there’s seemingly as much concern for the cats as there is for the state of comic book sellers in Berkeley, and as Jim pointed out earlier, the cats are both in fine fettle.

    While the landlord served papers on the Rory Root Living Trust today and the locks will be changed tomorrow morning, Friday, the cats will be safe as I’ll be given access as necessary to feed them, change their poopbox, etc. until such time as we are allowed back into the building pending papers, insurance, etc.

    All is well; things are progressing more or less as expected. And yes–the pussies are fine.

  • The cats are hanging out with their buddy Jim F this week, but expect to supervise the opening of the Escapist Comic Bookstore as soon as March 16th at 3090 Claremont Avenue Berkeley 94705 between Ashby and Alcatraz, on the same block as Dark Carnival Books and the Star Market.