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The Berkeley Wire: 02.22.11

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Fire at Haste and Telegraph, no one injured

Firefighters climb to the roof to investigate cause of fire/Photo: Lance Knobel
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A rooftop fire at the apartment block on the corner of Haste and Telegraph drew a dramatic response from the Berkeley Fire Department. Five engines, two trucks and a total of 32 firefighters responded to the 3:19 p.m. alarm. The first firefighters were on the scene by 3:24 and the fire was knocked down at 4:11.

According to Assistant Chief Sabina Imrie a wooden door on the roof that led to the stairwell was on fire and producing a large … Continue reading »

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Two Eucalyptus trees come down in Claremont canyon

Eucalyptus down 3
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Anyone taking a hike up the Claremont Canyon fire trail recently will have seen that two neighboring Eucalyptus trees, located on the second stretch of path after the first hair-pin turn, were ripped from the ground, we assume by the high winds and rain Berkeley has been experiencing over the past few days.

The trees fell directly across the path, but tree cutters have been out to chop them into more manageable pieces ahead of removing them from the site.

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Accident at Berkeley Apple store red-tags two businesses

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The semi-collapse of two walls at the site of Berkeley’s emerging new Apple store on Fourth Street at 10am this morning led to a call-out for the Berkeley fire department and the closure of two neighboring businesses.

According to George Kiskaddon, a partner at Builders Booksource, which is next door to the construction site at 1823 Fourth Street where Apple is building its latest Bay Area store, a side and back wall on the site suddenly sank about four feet into the ground and one of them was left leaning against his building.

“At about 9:50 there was a very large bang from the building next to ours,” he says. “One wall has been left leaning and bowing into the next door building.” … Continue reading »

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West Berkeley: A pivotal moment [Slideshow]

Rail tracks in West Berkeley
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Tonight the Berkeley City Council will hold a special meeting for a final public hearing on the city’s proposed West Berkeley Plan. Ahead of the debate, we bring you a photo essay of West Berkeley by John C. Osborn with explanations of some of the issues under consideration. Click through to this post to see the slideshow or click on the slideshow images above to read the captions.

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Berkeley’s creeks are running high

Creek 2-1
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With the recent heavy rains, Berkeley’s creeks are running high. Berkeleysider Andy Fremder sent in these shots of the Vicente Creek which runs through his yard in the Claremont neighborhood.

Big Screen Berkeley: Vanishing on 7th Street

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“Your real good thing is about to end” — Isaac Hayes and David Porter, Your Good Thing

“This is the way the world ends: not with a bang but a whimper” — T.S. Eliot, The Hollow Men

For decades, Hollywood has taken upon itself the task of proving Eliot’s famous line of verse a lie. At the movies, the world ends on a regular basis, and almost always in as loud and violent a fashion as possible — which probably explains why Brad Anderson’s new post-apocalyptic chiller, Vanishing on 7th Street, is opening in mid-winter and not in June. The film begins a week-long engagement at the Shattuck Cinemas this Friday, February 25th.

Suspense specialist Anderson prefers to tell his tales of terror the old-fashioned way: via mood, atmosphere, and the power of suggestion. His 2001 feature, Session 9, was a carefully paced ghost story about workmen removing asbestos from an abandoned insane asylum, whilst 2004’s The Machinist was a chilly character study of a factory worker whose chronic insomnia has prevented him from sleeping for, literally, years. Not for Anderson are the alien invasions and massed zombie assaults of most contemporary shock shows. … Continue reading »

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