The Berkeley Wire: 02.24.11

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  • @Name
    If you don’t like the Berkeley Daily Planet, why don’t you start your own newspaper. It’s a lot easier to sit on the sidelines and bitch and complain and try to prevent things than actually do something. Why not get funding and do it instead of just whining about what other people are doing?

    (For those who have not been following the other thread, that is an imitation of Name Withheld’s comments on my criticisms of the Berkeley Bowl. I tried to reason with him there without success. Now I am trying to hold up a mirror to nature in the hope that he will see what is wrong with his usual approach and start making more constructive and more civil comments.)

  • tizzielish

    Since reserves the right to moderate its comments, it seems to me could have chosen to withhold Name Withheld’s smear of a rival media outlet in Berkeley. Name Withheld’s comment is not related to the article to which s/he responds. The comment is snearing, disrespectful, speculative and snarky. I think it was beneath to publish it. Surely media colleagues can show one another a little class and respect?

  • Thanks for pointing that comment out, Tizzielish. I’ll take a look.

  • Name Withheld

    @ Charles ––– As I pointed out in that discussion I was actually very polite to you in that thread until you lashed out at me. I find it pretty funny that you would choose to ape behavior that you claim to find so disagreeable. I guess you must not mind it all that much if you’re so quick to do it yourself.

    @ tizzielish ––– I know it’s old news for most people at this point, but surely you’ve heard about the Daily Planet’s history on these issues?