Murder on Blake Street in Berkeley

The property at 1634 Blake Street (brown house on left) at which a man was killed on Tuesday afternoon. Photos: Tracey Taylor.

Berkeley police are reporting that a man was murdered at 1634 Blake St. between McGee Avenue and California Street around 1 p.m. today.

Police received a report of a loud noise and responded to find a “deceased male in the back yard of a home,” according to Lt. Andrew Greenwood of the Berkeley Police Department. The victim had been shot to death.

Police are not identifying the man at this time and there is no information about a possible suspect, said Greenwood.

It is the first homicide in Berkeley in 2011.

Update, 5:10 p.m.:  The homicide took place at 1634 Blake St. At around 4:45 p.m., the house and its neighboring homes were cordoned off by police crime tape and there were several police cars on the scene as well as an Alameda County coroner’s van. A Blake Street neighbor who asked not to be named, said the body of the deceased had not been removed from the property. She described the occupants of the house as a family.

Police detectives and County Coroner staff outside 1634 Blake St. at around 4:45 p.m.

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  • A mom on the corner

    I met Toby at the bus stop practically every morning while we waited for our kids’ bus. Julian would fly down the sidewalk going mach IV on his bike, barely stopping at the corner with a big grin on his face. Every day when the bus came, Toby would say Hey JuJu where’s my hug? and wrap that boy up tight. He was the sweetest dad and a great ,great guy, kind, nonjudgemental, wide open. I came out to him in conversations and he was curious but could’ve cared less–no judgement there at all. I met his mom too, and you do what you do, look for traces of the sweet boy she raised in her face too. My life is better for having known Toby and it’s hard to not have that thought of ARGHH one of the good ones is gone! I remember one day we tucked Julian’s bike into my driveway and walked down to Mojo’s for a coffee. Talking to him was just easy, comfortable, he was happy to be with me and me him. To his family, I’m so sorry he’s gone too soon. I hope his boys grow up and see the fine, fine man their daddy was all over their face and deep in their hearts. Be at peace, Toby.

  • Miriam

    This is SO sad … coming together as a community is essential now to help the family heal and in the future to help prevent events like this. I hope the family knows about Circle of Care – a very special nonprofit organization that assists children and families coping with a life-threatening illness, loss, bereavement, or trauma through support groups, crisis intervention services, and home-based counseling and support services. (

  • Oscar

    I grew up with Toby, he was a wonderful person and a great friend. What a horrible tragedy. I’ll miss you, buddy. Rest in peace.

  • Tony

    I am the class parent for Julian at Cragmont. Toby was a wonderful dad. Always happy, totally supportive of his son and wife. My heart is raw at the thought of this fantastic dad/husband being taken out of our lives. Always a big smile, always a firm hug and handshake and always devoted to Julian’s learning.

    As a community, we need to hold together and support the family.


  • regina

    Wow how sad to hear this! I went to Berkeley high. With Toby and were cool friends.. i just recently (last week) spoke to him at grocery outlet. He was a. Good person my prayers are with his family.. rest in paradise Toby you will forever be missed!!

  • We’ll miss you Toby.

    RIP Toby. You will be missed. I have such good memories of us growing up. My thoughts are with your family and wishing you a safe journey to the next level.
    Peace and love to you!

  • kimbriel

    I just found out this was Julian’s dad – we went on school trips together. It crushes me that his family is now missing the daddy. Does anyone know what support the family needs or wants during this time? Is there any way we can help the boys?

  • My love

    To those of you concerned about the race of my one and only, now MURDERED sibling. I am at a loss as to why you continually comment on my brother’s race. I am white, my mom is white, my brother is mixed, my husband is Filipino, my best friend Armenian, my uncle is Spanish, my grandparent were immigrants, my brother’s dad from Berkeley… My mom raised us to look past skin color, stereotypes, and negativity. The level of disrespect here breaks my heart and wounds my soul. I loved my brother as my own father, at 30 years old, he has been robbed from me.. I want whoever shot him in his back at his home caught.. the last thing I am concerned about is the murderer(s) race. If you could even comprehend the magnitude of the love me and mom have for him, you would refrain from discussions about the safety of your neighborhood, his race, or politics in your comments. Please let this forum be an opportunity for those people who loved my brother to share their memories… Our lives will be forever changed without him here.

  • My love

    I would also like to ask those of you have showed so much interest in my brother’s race a question. Do you think that me, his mom, and his children’s mothers don’t read these comments? As I lay in bed, sleepless.. For the last two nights, I frantically search the Internet for any new info… A story that might bring my joy or peace… And these are not the comments that help me relax and feel at ease. It is pour taste to speak of the deceased in the manner that some of you have…
    To all of my brother’s friends who have shared positive words.. My mom and I thank you, and I thank you on behalf of juju and tiff, stacey and Tobias jr… I will be posting info about his memorial on my fb.

  • JJ

    Unreal, this one hurts. We are going to miss you Toby! You didnt deserve this. Toby was one of the most optomistic fun caring loving people I knew. He was a family man who was always there for his boys, Ann and Maddie. We are all perplexed wondering who would do something like this to such a wonderful person. As far as the race comment, whoever you are you must not be from berkeley, because if you were, you would know that people from berkeley dont care about race. We are taught in Berkeley schools to look past color. Toby was mixed, but had mixed, white, black, asian, indian, and mexican friends and associates. Its people like you who continually perpetuate racism. It is NOT an important statistic. If I shot your son, or your brother, or your dad in the back would you really care if I was black or white? Or would you care that the killer was brought to justice? Think about what you say publicly before you say it.

    RIP Tob

  • JJ

    The more and more I think about the race comment the more it angers me. I was just at the barber shop with Toby and Julian a few weeks ago and while we were there, folks started talking about the recent home invasions in the neighborhood where youngsters were robbing elderly people while they were home. Toby commented that if he ever saw something like that happening that he would have helped. He didnt ask “were the assailants black or white?” He just said he would have helped, because it was the right thing to do. Maybe you should learn something from Toby and start doing the right thing instead of trying to judge him for the color of his skin. I cant believe this……IT IS 2011!

  • C.E.

    Sad for the family and for our community.

    For the purpose of serving justice, every significant detail in finding the felony suspect(s) matters. Don’t get so “politically correct” that we lose sight of the the obvious: The suspect(s’) appearances, including race, can help the BPD to do their job.

    With current technology and political liberty, a portable firearm, such as a pistol, can be an effective mean to deter crime, to stop a felony-in-progress, or, at the very least, leave additional physical evidence of the felon for people with training and mindset for self-reliance. Granted, the community, has the right to regulate this Right, but unreasonably discouraging responsible and capable people to have means to protect themselves bases on fears without logic will only increase crime by armed felons.

    I am sadden by this tragic loss and hope that the family heals and that the BPD brings justice to the criminal(s).

  • regina

    To my love..(Toby’s sibling) my prayers are with your family!! Toby was a great person.. I would love to pay my respects at Toby’s memorial please add me on fB so I can be updated with info.. Regina Edwards Ball thank you!!

  • My love


  • Tobias Jr.

    I love you daddy. I miss you already. I had fun always playing video games with you. I love you dad

  • Niesha

    I grew up with Toby. We first met in Miss Raguth’s class in the fourth grade. Toby was so nice and kind. My prayers go to his mama, sis, and children.

  • Kate

    Toby was a best friend to me throughout high school and always brightened my days. He took me to prom when my date faked, I could always count on him and his big heart, he is part of who I am. His memory and spirit will continue to bring light to my life, I’ll never forget him or stop missing him. M… I will try to find you on FB. <3 <3 <3

  • Close neighbor

    Hello all,

    First, I am very sorry for the family’s loss. This is terrible for any family, anywhere. While we have only just spoke in passing over the years, I wish you strength. I don’t know what happened or why, but I am terribly sorry for your loss.

    Second, for those who are new to our neighborhood and anxious, I’d like to say that we have loved living here for 13 years. We’ve raised our kids and walked down this block of Blake St and all around the neighborhood with our dog daily.

    Time for a neighborhood meeting.

  • Kirsten

    I remember Toby….I remember Toby as a boy when he and his family and me and my family would go out to the park, hiking all day, and then going home to have an easy dinner together. We had a lot of fun. To Anne and Maddie I am so sorry. When Miriam mentioned his name, I thought she was going to say she ran into him. I could barely believe the horrid news she delivered. May you find peace again in the fullness of time.

  • School Bus Driver

    Words can not express how my heart felt today when a parent told me about the passing of Toby. I pray Gods peace for all the family right now. I pray you feel Gods love and comfort around you right now, God is the mender and healer of of broken hearts right now.
    For those that wont and dont know how to I would like to apologize for them who have gotten on here and disrespected this time of loss for you. I pray for them to know that this is not the forum for the conversation that they are trying to have. if you have no words of encouragement for the family then basically don’t say anything is always the best policy.
    To the family anything you need from me let me know. I will continue to pray for with and for you because prayers does change things.

    God bless you all!

  • Frances

    This is so sad! my heart goes out to the family as a whole. Maddie, my childhood friend I am so sorry and then the feleling passes to utrage as I read your comments. What is worng with pople, we are ALL JUST PEOPLE! Toby was a wonderful person and a great friend, may he rest in peace ad may his killer be brought to justice.

  • ers


  • There has been an outpouring of grief and shared memories in this Comment section, and Berkeleyside is glad it can provide a forum at this traumatic time for the Berkeley community.

    Out of respect for the family of Toby Eagle, let us all refrain from discussing issues that, while they may have inherent value, may be upsetting to discuss here, at this sensitive time.

    Thank you.

  • Heathmama

    It’s so hard to comprehend this news. For the last two years I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Toby’s sweet sweet boy, Julian, and watching first hand what an incredible father Toby was. He’s the Dad who almost never missed a field trip and his kindness has impacted many at Cragmont school. To Julian and the rest of his family, please know we are thinking of you and are here to support you in any way we can.

  • Cece (Cecilia)

    I had a pleasure of meeting Toby, He was a loving and caring person..Such a cool person to conversate with and a unforgettable smile and eyes that lite up the room.. I haven’t seen him in a couple years but the memories I do have will be treasured in my heart..My condolences and lots of prayers and strength goes out to his family…I also would really love to attend and pay my respects at Toby’s memorial if you could please keep us undated so i could also inform ppl on facebook that would love to attend as well. Thank You….
    R.I.P Toby you will always be in my memories and never forgotten…

  • leyla

    I feel so badly about this loss. He sounds like he was an amazing father and a man who was loved and cherished by many. I can’t imagine the grief that his family and friends are feeling.

  • Sarah

    Toby was one of my first friends in life. We attended all the same schools. Toby was so hospitable when I visited his house when we were 4. I remember him showing me each room- dashing through the house- grinning. He showed me his bug collection he kept in a shoebox. I was always very tickled by Toby. I liked him so much.

    From one Berkeley family to another:

    My family and I are thinking of you Toby.
    Our thoughts are with you and your family.

  • Darren J. Deverux

    I cannot believe I’m speaking about my/our friend in the passed-tense. He recently reminded me that we had known each other for 25 years, meeting as very small children at LeConte elementary. And throughout the years, we’d always end up in the same circles. This continued at Willard, and by the time we were teenagers, Toby was no-longer just a kid I knew, he was a close friend, we were of the same group, and we all looked out for one another like brothers. This was the case from our teens to mid-twenties, when people started having families and growing up, going different ways. Then, in ’06, a mutual friend decided to build a recording studio. so he, I and Toby spent over three months demolishing and constructing this beautiful space. Working on something like this, where there was no-pay, just a common goal amongst friends, taught us a lot about ourselves and each other, and it showed me the man that my young friend Toby had become. He was an accomplished electrician (he wired a complicated multi-room recording facility on his own), a dedicated family-man, and quite obviously a loving father. Toby, as everybody who knows him knows, is a positive, gregarious, always smiling person. And as I close this I just want it understood that Toby Eagle’s death is not and should not be considered an accurate representation of how that man LIVED. We will forever love you bro, and we are completely torn to pieces about our loved one being taken from us by some piece of shit (apologies for vulgarity). Thank you. #RIP Toby “Royal-T” Eagle

  • memorial

    The memorial service for Toby Eagle will be held on this Friday…

  • one love

    Out of respect for everyone, please only attend the memorial if you knew Toby or the family….

  • Tosha T

    I am at a loss for words here, I have known Toby since I was 10/11 years old. I too grew up in Berkeley and attended school with him from grade school on through Berkeley high C/O 99. Toby has always been a great person always happy always smiling always ready to make someone else feel good. As of late, every time I would run into him it would be at Cragmont Longfellow or In and Out Burger (LoL) what I am trying to say is that he was always with his children making it evident to me that he has not changed a bit still a great person who blossomed into a great father. it saddens me deeply, not only for him being gone but for the loss that his family and friends have to suffer. My childs father was murdered almost 3 years ago in Berkeley as well. He too was an amazing very involved father and my son is an only child, so he doesn’t even have a sister or brother to lean on for support. I realize that this is not about me, but this is to let the family know that I know your loss and what it feels like! My prayers go out to you all and if possible I would like to be informed about the memorial services to pay respects to Toby.These days humble men (lacking arrogance) are rare and highly sought after to me this is what made him shine so brightly!!!

  • a neighbor

    @ Tosha T, the service details were recently posted and a request was made that only friends and family attend. The memorial service for Toby Eagle will be held on this Friday…
    My heart goes out to all of those who have been touched by this tragedy. Toby sounded like a wonderful man who was taken away much too soon.
    Toby’s spirit will continue to thrive in everyone with the wonderful memories he will have left behind. Loved ones will always have him in their hearts!

  • The family of Toby Eagle has asked that people only come to the memorial service that is planned for him on Friday if they knew him well and have been in touch with the family about attending. They are concerned about being overwhelmed with well-wishers on the day and not being able to accommodate everyone. They thank everyone for their understanding at this difficult time.

    Berkeleyside has removed references to the location of the memorial service from some Comments for this reason.

  • a neighbor

    Thank you Tracey, I understand.

  • Tinkerbellroc

    ill never forget you!!!!! i promise!!! you know who i am

  • Mary211

    “Sonia”. He had a white and no one else. It dose not matter if he was shot in the back, the point is someone wanted to kill him that bad they came to the house and shot him. He was a NO GOOD FATHER, BY SELLING/HOUSING DRUGS IN A HOME WHERE HIS CHILD IS.
    Now those are facts!

  • JIM123


  • PAT510

    Your so ignorant. “he wasn’t a bad person” yeah right. Pathetic. never had a job and used drugs everyday all day.MORE IMPORT: WAS A POOR EXCUSE OF A MAN/FATHER



  • Spencert

    THATS so sad that this was a facade.He was in reality none of those things.

  • Getalife

    why are you on and internet sight blogging to irrelevant people 2 days after his murder. get a life


    What did he do for a living? Did he have a car?When was the last time he had a legit job?How often did he provide for his family??


  • TiffienydeanEagle

    On March 8,2012 I felt my heart die inside me,the last thing I expected was to come home in first d that my heart beat outside of my body was stolen from me. They took my prince charming from me.Tobias was one of my soul purpose for waking up everyday, so when i read the comments thtat people left
    That’s all I do is read them because everyone is entitled to their opinion no
    matter how ignorant it may be
    Only thing I would say is that I hope n pray
    that your family’s never get on the receiving side of this because no matter what my baby did he didn’t deserve to die like that and the gun men were cowards to shoot an unarmed man in his back. Tobias I told you b4 i will say your name everyday for the rest of my life I love you n will always love you

  • emraguso

    The anniversary of this killing just passed over the weekend. Berkeleyside has posted this update: