The Berkeley Wire: 03.17.11

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  • tizzielish

    Thanks, berkeleyside, for the link to Professor Smith’s interview about the possible risks from radiation from Japan. I have been looking for exactly that quality of information about the nuclear reactor breakdown in Japan. It is scary to read about nuclear reactors melting down. Professor Smith’s comments reassure me.

  • Hey B’side:

    How about a poll on comments? My selection of choices would be:

    I read them often and value them
    I read them often and value them, but get annoyed at times about the tone.
    I read them sometimes, but often can’t find the time.
    I read them sometimes, but get annoyed at times about the tone.
    I stopped reading them because the tone is too often disruptive of my inner peace.

    …or something along those lines :-)

    Or did I already post this comment? I know I’ve thought it often, and as I type it I’m thinking maybe I actually did. Guess it’s just my annoyance at the few people who feel the need to comment several times on almost every post :-(

    So many people in Berkeley have such a focus on hyper-democracy, where they feel they *have* to contribute to every discussion. I used to be able to read the B’side comments in my blog reader, but these days there are so many I tend to click “Mark all as read.” Because folks comment so often, I suspect they are actually getting heard *less.*

  • Lee Trampleasure: We have no issue with quantity of comments. That’s what we’re here for — to foster a sense of community and create a forum for discussion.

    We understand your frustration, however, with the tone that particular commenters are adopting on Berkeleyside and which taint the whole discourse — not to mention being intimidating for others who might otherwise wish to join the conversation.

    We are currently reviewing our Comments policy and may well call on our readers for suggestions. Thank you for your ideas.