Andy Samberg hasn’t forgotten his elementary school

Andy Samberg remembering his roots on Saturday Night Live, March 12.

Saturday Night Live fans attuned to all matters Berkeley (such as the teenage offspring of two Berkeleyside founders) may have spotted that, on last week’s episode, homegrown comedian Andy Samberg was sporting a particularly Berkeley-relevant T-shirt.

At the end of the March 12 show, as the cast was milling around with guest host Zach Galifianakis and singer Jessie J, Samberg could be seen wearing a green T-shirt bearing the image of a bear with the words “John Muir Grizzlies”.

As most Berkeley students will know, Samberg is a product of the Berkeley public school system, having attended John Muir Elementary School (hence the T-Shirt), Willard Middle School, and Berkeley High School.

Berkeleyside applauds Samberg for remembering his roots amid all the starry glamor of a hit late-night TV show.

Update 18:23: A well-informed reader writes in to say that Andy Samberg did not in fact attend John Muir Elementary School, but that his mother works there as a teacher, hence his allegiance. Thanks for the clarification, Diana. Does anyone know where Samberg did in fact go to elementary school?

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  • rb

    I believe Andy’s mom is currently a teacher at John Muir, too.

  • rb: Awww. If that’s true, that makes his allegiance even more adorable, don’t you think?

  • Diana Yovino-Young

    Actually, he did not attend JM. His mom does work there and it is known around the school that he never attended the school, but thankfully he wears the shirt!

  • Diana: Ooops. Well that spoils this story a little! Still, it’s cute he is supporting his mom’s school. Do we know where he went to Elementary School?

  • rb

    doesn’t matter – we’re proud of him in Berkeley!

  • EmKC

    I think he wears the same shirt in the “Chroni – WHAT? – cles of Narnia!” digital short.

  • DARC

    At some point, Andy attended Tehiyah Day School in El Cerrito for a few years.

  • Jesse Townley

    Another Berkeley SNL connection: Fred Armisen was in punk/post-punk band Trenchmouth in the 1990s, and played 924 Gilman. Within a couple of years, his band signed to a major (when all of the majors were desperately trying to find the next Green Day/Nirvana). Trenchmouth was not allowed to play Gilman the next time they came through, since there was a long-standing rule vs. major label bands playing there.

  • Tim Q. Cannon

    <— John Muir alum

  • Reed

    I think Andy went to Chabot Elementary School in Oakland.  When I coached his soccer team, his famiy lived off of College Avenue near Rockridge BART Station

  • Tellosarah

    it is.I went to that school.I met his mom.Shes a teacher for the deaf children.I am currently in willard middle school and going to berkeley high school :D

  • Tellosarah

    omg i live in the same area!