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The Berkeley Wire: 03.15.11

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A woman trying to evade the police deliberately crashed into two police cars while making her get-away and almost smashed into another two police vehicles.

On Friday, Berkeley police spotted a 1996 Honda Passport that fit the description of a vehicle used in a March 18 robbery at a grocery store in Berkeley, according to a police department press release. Police attempted to stop the car in the 1500 block of Stuart Street, but the driver did not comply with their orders. … Continue reading »

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Workers at Berkeley’s Pacific Steel accept new contract

Pacific Steel strike
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The strike is over at Pacific Steel Castings in Berkeley.

Workers at one of the largest foundries on the West Coast voted to accept a new contract this morning, according to Elisabeth Jewel, a spokeswoman for the company. She did not provide any details of the agreement and union officials have not yet returned phone calls.

About 470 workers walked out of the plant at midnight Monday March 21 in protest of what they said was an unacceptable contract offer. Pacific Steel had apparently asked workers to pay a larger percentage of their health care costs, which could have amounted to a 10% pay cut. … Continue reading »

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Alice Waters joins Twitter, in a tasteful way

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Alice Waters has joined Twitter, and in a way only Waters can: with style and a splash.

Her brand new Twitter page – apparently launched on Thursday – is decorated with red chickens daintily pecking the ground for food. How Alice.

And even though she hasn’t sent out a single tweet, and is only following Chez Panisse and The Edible Schoolyard, she already has more than 1,400 followers. They include some of the big names … Continue reading »

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Your neighbors: Mr and Mrs Mopps’

Screen shot 2011-03-25 at 12.51.48 PM
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Devin McDonald and Jenny Stevenson took on a much-loved Berkeley institution when they bought Mr Mopps’ toy store in October. The couple read about Mr Mopps’ being for sale on Berkeleyside and decided it was their mission to save it.

Kim Aronson is an online community builder who has lived in Berkeley for the past decade. He makes short films on the side. This is his fifth video report for Berkeleyside about Berkeley people — your neighbors. … Continue reading »

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A planner who favors edible, eco education — and risks

Author a green schoolyard advocate Sharon Gamson Danks./Photo: Maia and Ayden Danks.
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In the course of her travels researching her new book Asphalt to Ecosystems: Design Ideas for Schoolyard Transformation, Sharon Gamson Danks was struck by two things: First, the United States is a world leader in school food gardens and Berkeley is firmly at the epicenter of that movement.

And second, the U.S. lags far behind other countries when it comes to building green schoolyards with eco-friendly aspects beyond a produce patch — in other words spaces that encourage play with potential risk. We’re talking less asphalt and metal structures, and more nature nooks and shaded ponds.

An environmental planner, Danks and landscape architect Lisa Howard run Bay Tree Design in Berkeley, which specializes in designing ecological outdoor play spaces. They incorporate ideas Danks picked up from her playground adventures overseas. … Continue reading »

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Artist entranced by interplay of light, water and cargo

Sage Green Sea by Suzy Bernard
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For the last seven years. Berkeley artist Suzy Barnard has been obsessed by the cargo ships on San Francisco Bay. Each day, as she drives over the Bay Bridge to her studio on the waterfront, she scans the water for ships bringing cargo to unload at the docks. Once she is in front of her easel staring out at the water, she finds herself captivated by the play of light.

“Although my studio is based across the bridge in the city, I’m finding that the commute from Berkeley to my studio is providing much new material for my work,” said Barnard. “I’ve been focused on painting ships and water and weather, which all started when I got a studio at Pier 70, right on the water, looking towards the East Bay.  Now, the drive over the bridge often has me ogling the vista from that vantage point, and trying to take rather hit or miss photographs while driving, for reference point for further painting prospects.” … Continue reading »

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