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The Berkeley Wire: 03.29.11

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Comic Relief spawns a second comics book store

Uel Carter
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Another comics store is rising out of the ashes of the defunct Comic Relief.

Just six weeks after Comic Relief abruptly shut its doors, a former employee has plans to open a new store in the exact same location.

Uel Carter, who worked on and off at Comic Relief for a decade, will launch Fantastic Comics at 2026 Shattuck Avenue on May 1.

It will be the second comic store coming from Comic Relief. Jack Rems, the owner of Dark Carnival Books, bought Comic Relief’s inventory and opened a new store, The Escapist, on Claremont Avenue, on March 15th. (Rems even brought over the store’s two cats, Ash and Ember). … Continue reading »

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Strong, sculptural trees bring a sense of community

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By Robert Trachtenberg

Despite the fact the calender says that it is spring, we all know that is still feels like winter. The bloom season for many trees such as Flowering Crabapples has been shortened with all of this rain. So I found myself focusing on the structural beauty of trees and how they help create a strong sense of identity in our community.

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Is Berkeley High safe? Parents debate the question

Community theater at Berkeley High School. Photos: Frances Dinkelspiel
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In the middle of a meeting called to discuss guns and safety at Berkeley High School, the deputy district attorney in charge of Alameda County’s juvenile division stood up and announced that the community is not being realistic about how dangerous a place it is.

“I have seen the police report of every single person arrested at Berkeley High School this year,” Matthew Golde, the senior deputy district attorney for Alameda County’s juvenile justice center told a crowd of about 400 people at the Berkeley High School Community Theater. “Let me tell you the reality of the danger.”

Golde went on to say that in addition to the four gun-related arrests made last week, armed robbery is rampant at the school.  Students routinely bring weapons and use them to strong-arm people on campus, at the park across the street, and on Shattuck Avenue. And groups of BHS kids regularly burglarize houses. … Continue reading »

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Big Screen Berkeley: Rubber

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If you think a film about an animate, vaguely anthropomorphic, and deeply murderous tire is just what the doctor ordered, haste thee to the Shattuck Cinemas this coming weekend. If, however, you find the concept outrageous, offensive, or just plain silly, go anyway: I promise you an experience you’ll never forget.

Appropriately scheduled for an April Fools’ Day opening, Rubber is an absurdist comedy directed by French polymath Quentin Dupieux, otherwise known as techno musician Mr. Oizo. (Presumably any resemblance to Exit Through the Gift Shop’s Thierry Guetta, aka Mr. Brainwash, is purely coincidental).

Dupieux previously produced Nonfilm, a movie in which the lead character is an actor playing a character in a film within Nonfilm who accidentally kills the film within Nonfilm’s crew but carries on production regardless, even though he has neither a script nor a camera with which to do so. Got that? … Continue reading »

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