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The Berkeley Wire: 04.07.11

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A plea to save Park Station post office

Park Station post office on Sacramento will close April 30
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No sooner did word get out that the Park Station post office at 2900 Sacramento Street would be closing on April 30 than community advocates launched another effort to save it.

Steveanne Auerbach, who has been deeply involved the last 18 months with the fight to keep the post office open, got on the phone and ramped up her email efforts on Wednesday to get postal authorities to change their minds.

“I didn’t want the post office to think nothing was happening,” said Auerbach. “I wanted to bring up the points again to see what they could do.”

The post office announced Monday that Park Station, at the intersection of Sacramento and Russell, would close April 30. All the P.O. boxes and other services will be transferred to Station A on San Pablo Avenue near Addison.

Unfortunately, there might not be enough time to change the minds of post office officials, given that the closing is a little more than three weeks away, according to officials. The last push involved a petition drive, letters, community meetings, and discussions with the offices of Congressman Barbara Lee and Senator Dianne Feinstein. … Continue reading »

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Businesses born on campus: Students pitch start-ups

Gram Power
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This week, in a mid-century modern meeting hall at the heart of the Cal campus, six student teams  — budding future Steve Jobs or Bill Gates to a man (and all but one were male) — pitched their start-up concepts to a panel of veteran entrepreneurs and potential sponsors. The prize? Either a $5,000 grant from Alibaba.com, an online global business-to-business marketplace, or a $10,000 Acceleration Award from the Plug and Play Tech Center, the Silicon Valley based start-up incubator.

The groups, made up largely of Cal post-grads, were finalists in Cal’s Venture Lab program, part of the university’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology founded by UC Berkeley engineering Professor Ikhlaq Sidhu. The event, attended by students no doubt also eagerly hoping to make their first million before leaving college, was called “Entrepreneurship in the Global Marketplace” and was sponsored by Alibaba.com and the Plug and Play Tech Center, and held in conjunction with the Schwarzennegger Emerging Entrepreneur Initiative. Alibaba.com is hosting a series of 15 such events at colleges across California. … Continue reading »

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Fire destroys Dwight Way house

Fire at Dwight Way. Photo: CBS News
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A fire that erupted in a house at 1517 Dwight Way this morning not only destroyed the building but melted some power lines and ignited two gas meters.

Four people who lived in the house managed to escape, according to fire officials.

“The occupants reported that they were not sure what woke them up, but something did,” Battalion Chief Bill Kehoe told KTVU News. “They may have heard something. Once one of them was awakened, they saw the orange … Continue reading »

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Broken fire hydrants sure do cause spectacular fountains

Screen shot 2011-04-06 at 9.22.52 PM
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A malfunctioning fire hydrant exploded at about 4:30 p.m. yesterday on Shattuck and Center causing a geyser-like jet of water to soar into the air (see above). The result was captured on video by Michael Corey.

This is the second broken fire hydrant in as many months. On March 31 a fire hydrant that had been repaired the previous day broke off at its base on Fulton Street near Durant. It spewed gallons of water into … Continue reading »

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