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The Berkeley Wire: 04.27.11

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‘People’s author’ Anne Lamott on stage tomorrow

Author Anne Lamott, who will be in conversation with Jon Carroll on Thursday
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A writer once noted that “a minute with Anne Lamott is like a week with anyone else”. By that standard, people who go to tomorrow night’s conversation between Lamott and San Francisco Chronicle columnist Jon Carroll will be spending well over a year with the intense and humorous author.

Lamott is known for both non-fiction works like Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life, and her fiction, … Continue reading »

Fire and police officials earn more than Berkeley managers

Paramedic engine co. five
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If you are looking for a job in Berkeley, steer clear of City Hall. Instead, head on over to the fire or police department. They pay way more.

In an analysis of public employee salaries, the Bay Area Newspaper Group determined that at least 35 fire and police officials make more than most of City Hall’s top managers, including the Director of Planning and the Director of Public Works. Only City Manager Phil Kamlarz is in the uppermost echelon.

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Anti sit-lie campaigners take protest to City Hall

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A group of about 70 people marched to the City Council Chambers Tuesday evening, after meeting on Telegraph Avenue, to protest a possible sit-lie ordinance in the city.

Although the item was not on last night’s City Council agenda, the protest’s organizer, Michael Diehl, told the Daily Cal that the group wanted to let the council know what they thought before it came to before council members. Diehl distributed fliers and organized the protest, which was attended by several UC Berkeley … Continue reading »

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Berkeleyans rally to move forward on library renovations

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The rally, which took place at 6:00pm before the regular City Council meeting, was organized by a group calling itself New Libraries Now.

“The West and South branch libraries are incredibly important,” said Rachel Anderson who was holding a placard at the rally. “They are the last remaining community centers in the city.” Referring to the Concerned Library Users lawsuit, she said: “I am deeply worried that such a small number of people can have a large amount of power.” … Continue reading »

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Where in Berkeley?

Where in Berkeley?

Know where this is? Take a guess and let us know in the Comments.

Update, 10:35am: Jamespatrickporter is this week’s winner! He correcly guessed that this serene statue is at the corner house on 10th and Virginia Streets.

Photo: Mary Lynch

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