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The Berkeley Wire: 08.08.11

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Has the Edible Schoolyard been in a rap song before?

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Look what the dueling Whole Foods parking lot videos has spawned.

The original, by Berkeley-raised David Wittman, aka DJDave (now in LA), inspired local LaeCharles’ Berkeley remix. (It also prompted Berkeley-born Delia Brown to make “Revenge of the Black Prius“).

Now, in fine style, DJDave has come back with DJDave, U Not BERKELEY Enough, featuring LaeCharles. Have a listen, and see how many Berkeley references you can spot.

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Inside Berkeley’s newest, most discreet, building

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In a few weeks, a brand new, 145,000 sq. ft. building will open its doors in Berkeley. Architects, engineers and construction crews have been working on it for almost three years, and the scale of the endeavor cannot be underestimated. However it’s likely you haven’t even spotted this building; and, even when it’s fully operational by the beginning of next year, it will continue to be largely hidden from public view.

Cal’s new Student-Athlete High Performance Center, built at a cost of $150 million in private donations, has been designed to be almost entirely invisible. Sited largely underground, it hugs the west side of the Memorial Stadium. From the street, the facility appears to be simply a long, stone-clad wall which follows the curve of the stadium.

“The beauty of the design is that it maximizes views of the stadium and keeps that as the architectural focus,” said Bob Milano, Assistant Athletic Director at UC Berkeley as he took this reporter on a tour.

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Berkeley’s Summer Cinema event kicks off on Center St

Movie-goers at the inaugural Summer Cinema event, with a Seurat treatment. Photo: Ira Serkes
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The night was less than balmy, but that didn’t deter around 250 people making their way to Center Street Saturday evening for the first of four Summer Cinema free outdoor screenings.

Some participants brought their own chairs and blankets, others rented fold-up chairs at the booth of the organizers, the Downtown Berkeley Association. Radiant Brand’s Steven Donaldson was spotted carrying in a whole selection of seating possibilities, including a wooden chair wrenched from the ground in his garden.

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