New Berkeley animal shelter is finally rising

Berkeley's animal shelter under construction. Photo: Frances Dinkelspiel

Berkeley’s long-awaited, much debated animal shelter is finally under construction on Bolivar Street in West Berkeley. It is scheduled to open in 2012, ten years after voters passed Measure I to sell bonds to finance the construction.

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  • Wensull

    10 years after they’ve been collecting the money. Typical. Great news for a better shelter, however….

  • Great news indeed…and an example of just how ineffective our city government is. It would be great if BS could provide a summary of the delays & the additional money the multi-year 3-stooges act has cost taxpayers in this city.

  • Christine L

    The new shelter needs to raise $75,000 for medical equipment and furnishings. To give you can mail a check or visit the current shelter at Berkeley Animal Care Services, 2013 2nd St (between Addison & University), Berkeley 94710. Phone 510-981-6600 for details.

  • The reason it has taken this long is because people tried to block it.

  • How sad, and how very embarrassingly indicative of the all-to-common tactic of forestalling and delaying anything and everything in Berkeley politics.

  • Jesse Townley

    The money was not collected until a site was found- according to the Daily Planet article below, the tax was first planned to be collected in 2009.

    Anna Avellar is correct- the community is where the delay mostly came
    from, and the city had to respond properly or face legal action (thereby spending more money we don’t have).

    There was an extended search for an appropriate location in West Berkeley. I think some were pushing for the perfect location, while others felt the press of time and the inadequacies of the current Animal Control shelter. There was a City group made up of community members that led this search in concert with Councilmembers Betty Olds and Dona Spring, who spearheaded the original push for a new Animal Control shelter.

    2008 article about the agreement on the new shelter site.

    Once the Aquatic Park site was chosen, there was more concerns raised about specific features of the design. There was something about a loading/unloading space, I believe.

    Quick aside that applies to more than just this article: Does everyone who complains about how long things can take in Berkeley agree to fast-track big projects in their neighborhoods and around their own workplaces? Think about it.

    Either we have more democracy and more community involvement in decisions or we give more power to the city government some call ineffective and a 3-stooges act in this very thread. It’s easy to throw pies from outside the fence at everyone involved, but think about what your ultimate goal is. Is it more community control (more debate, possibly more appropriate projects & less cost-savings due to delay) or more gov’t control (less debate, possibly faster results & cost-savings) over development issues.

    Please note that this question doesn’t break down along traditional Berkeley progressive/moderate lines. We’ve all seen incredibly strange bedfellows in various development fights, with moderates united w/ progressives either pro or con, depending on the situation.

  • Sue

    And what people are you referring to?  To make a statement like that and not give specific info or back-up your allegations is suspect.  Please share with us what you are talking about

  • Sue

    Do you know what Anna is talking about?  You must or you would not support her statement.  I’d like to be privvy also.