Police blotter: Recent crime in Berkeley

This is a partial list of recent crimes in Berkeley based on information from the Berkeley Police Department and the UC Berkeley Police Department. For other sources of information on crime in Berkeley see Community CrimeView and

Thursday, September 8

Prowling and attempted theft

At 1:44 a.m. Emmanuel Thomasreed was arrested by UC Police for prowling, attempted theft and possession of burglary tools in the Recreational Sports Facility garage off Bancroft.

Tuesday, September 6 

Warrant arrest 

At 6 a.m. Brandon Smith, 25, wanted on a $555,000 Napa County felony probation violation was arrested near People’s Park.

Sunday, September 4

Misappropriation of found property

At 12:34 a.m., Todd Strickland, 49, was arrested at ASUC by UC Police for misappropriation of found property and unlawful possession of UC keys and sent to Santa Rita jail.


At 2:06 a.m. Berkeley PD and UC Police cooperated in breaking up a fight between 15 persons at Shattuck and Durant.

Residential burglaries and petty theft

At 1:11 p.m. there was a residential burglary of an iPhone through an unlocked door in the 2600 block of Durant Avenue. At 1:31 p.m., two laptops and a hard drive were burgled through an open window on the 1900 block of Oxford Street. At 1:36 p.m. there was the theft of a blue Trek bike in the yard of a house in the 2200 block of Ward Street. There are no suspects in any of these incidents.


A juvenile has been arrested for shoplifting potato chips from a store in the 2600 block of Telegraph Avenue at 2:59 p.m.

Shoplift turned into robbery 

A suspect has been indentified in the shoplifting turned into robbery of liquor in the 1400 block of University Avenue at 7:56 p.m.

Saturday, September 3

Petty thefts 

At 10:45 a.m. at the corner of Blake and Telegraph, a black male, around 15 years old, grabbed a cellphone and ran. The suspect had short hair with a blonde streak, black sweatshirt and white flannel pyjama pants. Credit cards were reported stolen from an unlocked car in the 2700 block of Dohr Street. A bike was reported stolen from an unlocked house in the 1600 block of Milvia at 10:52 a.m. An unattended purse was reported stolen from the 2400 block of Durant.

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  • Guest

    I do like that names were given in the blotter. That way these crooks can be publicly shamed for their actions.

  • Eric Westby

    Was hoping to see something about the lunatic who was driving back and forth, up and down Channing and Bancroft in a souped-up black Mustang at 100+ mph in West Berkeley near San Pablo Avenue at about 6pm. It’s a miracle he didn’t kill someone. He missed me by about 20 yards.

  • KET

    Come on – a juvenile arrested for shoplifting potato chips!  What about real crime?  There was gunfire in my neighborhood a week ago and I have yet to learn what happened.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like the same lunatic that was doing donuts in S. Berkeley. His car backfired resulting in calls to BPD about shots fired.

  • Heather W.

    Gotta admit, KET that a kid stealing a bag of chips is about as far from a real “crime” as I can imagine. I suspect he wasn’t the only kid stealing (and getting caught) pilfering petty objects. 

  • Guest

    “At 12:34 a.m., Todd Strickland, 49, was arrested at ASUC by UC Police
    for misappropriation of found property and unlawful possession of UC
    keys and sent to Santa Rita jail.”

    did this guy really get sent to jail for not turning in a key that he found?

  • JacksonHurley

    He might have been using the keys to try to get into rooms.