Johnny Depp and Tom Waits storm through Berkeley

Berkeley got a taste of Hollywood Monday night when actor Johnny Depp and musician Tom Waits rolled into town.

The pair started their night eating at Prospect restaurant in San Francisco, where they got to sample the fare cooked by the newly appointed chef Pamela Mazzola (Depp had the duck.) Then Depp went to UC Berkeley for a Q&A session about his new film, The Rum Diary. It was a private, invitation-only screening. Journalist Ben Fong-Torres interviewed Depp and the director Bruce Robinson. (See video above.)

After the 9:30 pm discussion, Depp and Waits went to the Shattuck Down Low.  The bar served a special “Hunter’s Punch,” (named after Hunter S. Thompson, a central figure in the movie) made with Sailor Jerry rum.

Depp’s movements in the Bay Area were tracked via Twitter (including some tweets from this reporter, who happened to be eating at the same restaurant in San Francisco).

RT @Frannydink: Johnny Depp may be expected at UC Berkeley tonite for Q & A about Rum Diary but he is at Prospect restaurant now w/Tom Waits (around 7:45 pm)

@thewalkingipod/Cam M. Got seats to see Johnny Depp at The Rum Diary screening! AWESOME!

@thewalkingipod/Cam M. Johnny Depp is in the building! The Rum Diary was really good. Depp as his witty self.

Johnny Depp at Shattuck Down Low. Photo: Depp Heaven

@DailyCal @J0HNNYDepp signs autographs at @UCBerkeley Monday night.

@43KIXNorCal If you are near UC Berkeley Johnny Depp is at the Shattuck Down Low in Berkeley performing with his band RIGHT NOW. No joke.

Tonight’s roll call @ShattuckDownLow Johnny Depp & Tom Waits at rum diary after party. Open rum bar. Come kick it!

@wesempire FREE PARTY AT THE SHATTUCK DOWNLOW! Few free drinks. Johnny Depp, Tom Waits and more are here! Come NOW!

@ash_trashley Friend who goes to Berkeley got Johnny Depp’s autograph, signed as Edward Scissorhands!

Click here for more pictures.

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  • WHAT?  Where is Johnny now?  Is he still in the Bay Area?

  • Rogerklotz

    Bravo Waits!!!
    His CD actually leaked onto the internet earlier today, I read it on

  • Bill

    Bravo Frances – the luck of a reporter!

  • anon

    I was actually at the Down Low and he did not end up playing with the band, they were excellent though! He just observed from the roped-off section on the side. 

  • Mish

    that’s my video!

  • julie

    Why didn’t I hear about this before?! I would have definitely been there had I known… Is it possible for Berkeleyside to give us a heads up in the future?

  • julie

    (I’m referring to Depp and Waits’ visit at the Shattuck Down Low)

  • Berkeleyside only found out about it after the fact.

  • Rogerklotz

    Also.. to correct some fiction in this article….

    Deep doesn’t play Hunter S. Thompson in the movie. He plays a reporter named Paul Kemp… Hunter S. Thompson wrote the original novel.

  • While I would never use the word “fiction” to describe an error in a news article, I thank you for pointing out the mistake.

  • LOL, also Sailor Jerry is not “Rum” per se.

  • mr.flibble

    Like the way the Hollywood Reporter apparently snatched a lot of the into and the photo of Depp without crediting you guys or the photographer. [sigh]

  • Yes. [sigh] And Perez Hilton and a number of others.

  • Anonymous

    While I would never use the word “fiction” to describe an error in a news article, I thank you for pointing out the mistake.