As Andronico’s on University closes, huge sale in progress

The produce shelves at the Andronico's on University Avenue are now empty. Photos by Frances Dinkelspiel

Andronico’s on University Avenue will be closing its doors on Saturday, but in the meantime it is holding a huge going-out-of-business sale.

All the “dry groceries” in the store are 50% off and the wine, beer, and alcohol are 20% off. The sale meant that the grocery store saw a surge in sales on Saturday, when it did seven times the normal amount of business, according to a store manager.

The bankrupt grocery chain, started in Berkeley 82 years ago, has been acquired by Renwood Opportunities Fund, a partnership between Rosewood Private Investments and Renovo Capital, for a reported $16 million. The firm decided to shutter the under-performing store at 1414 University Avenue, but will keep the Telegraph Avenue, Shattuck Avenue, and Solano Avenue stores open. The 15-20 employees in the store have all been asked to reapply for jobs in the chain, according to a city official. There will be some layoffs, the manager said.

Customers pick through a table of deeply discounted goods

Many groceries are 50% off at Andronico's

Beer and alcohol are 20% off at Andronico's

Customers check out of Andronico's

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  • Bryan Garcia

    50% off Andronico’s prices?  So I guess that would bring them down to normal levels then?

  • Ryan

    That’s exactly what I said. I work in the area near this Andronico’s but never shopped there because their prices were just too high. To be honest, I was amazed they stayed open as long as they did. The place was always dead inside whenever I went in. The building doesn’t help either, it is very closed feeling inside, not warm, but more old style institutional. The one on Shattuck is so much nicer, I do shop there.

  • Guest

    Be very, very careful.  Even though the 50% off everything signs are all over the store, a good number of items are not on sale or are only 20 or 25% off.  Things that you would never know.  For example, Scharffenberger chocolate is 50% but the Vosges bars right next to them are 25% off because apparently Andronicos considers those “bakery” not “grocery.”   There are absolutely no signs up distinguishing what is on sale for 50% and what isn’t.  So, watch as they ring things up.

  • Jean

    I visited last night to take advantage of the 50% off. I left feeling really sad- mostly for those who are going to lose their jobs. I live in the neighborhood and often see the employees walking to work in the morning. And whenever I shopped there, they were always so nice and hardworking. Regardless of how you feel about Andronico’s, losing jobs in the community is tragic.

  • Anonymous

    So I hear that either a dollar shop or a yoga studio is going in that spot. Anyone know for sure?

  • JWong

    Milk and dairy are still full-price.  Watch carefully how things are rung up; I was charged $2.00 for a $3.99 houseware that had already been marked down to 93 cents.  I went back in and they refunded the overcharge.

  • Probably the dollar shop

    Over the years I have come to expect the worst when new businesses take over spaces in Berkeley, and a dollar shop is more likely to drag down the neighborhood than a yoga studio. (Plus a dollar store makes more sense in that location.)

  • Anonymous

    I love how in this town you can’t have a “box” store, but they allow the dollar stores. Dollar stores are guilty of selling the least sustainable wares of any store I have ever been in. Real landfill awfulness. I know of 5 large dollar stores in Berkeley. That’s more stores than Andronico’s, isn’t it?

  • jubrele

    I will miss this store. They always play great R&B music in the evenings.

  • I agree completely.

    We can’t have a Target, and the community protests and complains when Safeway wants to remodel and expand, but there’s apparently no problem with dirty, run-down dollar stores full of cheap plastic garbage from China destined for a landfill and some of the most horrible-for-you food imaginable.