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The Berkeley Wire: 11.03.11

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Berkeley Thai Temple to hold flood relief fundraiser

A Buddha sits at the back of a gathering place at the Thai Temple in Berkeley. At its base is a collection jar for Thai flood relief. Photos: Frances Dinkelspiel
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Four months of flooding have left Thailand devastated, with large portions of the country still under water, making fresh food and water hard to come by for many.

To help the people of Thailand, Wat Mongkolratanaram, more commonly known as the Berkeley Thai Temple, will hold a fundraiser Sunday during its popular brunch. Since anywhere from 200 to 600 people come each week to dine on beef curry, mango rice, and other Thai delicacies, organizers hope to raise hundreds of dollars.

Thai musicians and dancers will perform under a tent during the brunch, which runs from 10 am to 1 pm at the temple at 1911 Russell Street near MLK. … Continue reading »

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Exotic Muntjac deer loose, in danger, in César Chávez Park

Deer new
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Update, 11.04.11: There have been no reported sightings of a Muntjac deer according to Berkeley Animal Services. “We have had phone calls, but nobody has said they have seen this deer,” said BACS Officer Stevenson. She added that she had been to César Chávez Park to look for herself and that it is possible that a dog was mistaken for the miniature deer. “It’s a dog park, so there are lots of small four-legged animals. In one way I hope it’s not there. But in another I hope it’s there as I would like to see this deer,” she said.


A Reeves’ Muntjac deer is believed to be on the loose and in danger in Berkeley’s César Chávez Park.

Animal experts are calling on the community to keep an eye out for the animal, which is tiny and easy prey for larger animals, including dogs, and to call in sightings as the deer needs to be trapped and taken care of.

“Muntjac deer are an Asian species and a popular exotic pet. They need hot weather to survive and are very tame, so easy to hunt and kill,” said Winnie Kelly, a wildlife specialist at San Rafael-based Wildcare. “It’s very important that we get a hold of this animal.”

The Reeves Muntjac is one of the smallest species of deer in the world; they only stand about 24″ tall, even as adults. “It’s about the size of an Italian greyhound,” said Kelly. “A large dog could easily kill this deer.” She added that the deer is “adorably cute”. … Continue reading »

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Memories of a fading summer: Shades of blue

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By Robert Trachtenberg

It is hard to believe how fast the summer went by. But it has been great having this last bit of Indian summer weather before the winter sets in. I did manage to capture a few moments of summer bloom that I wanted to share.

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Photo essay: Dìa de los Muertos in the Gourmet Ghetto

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Berkeley’s Dìa de los Muertos celebration in the Gourmet Ghetto Wednesday night offered music, dance, an altar to remember absent friends, weird and wonderful costumes, and food — lots of food, in fact, as the event was planned to coincide with street food fest Off The Grid. The photos here provide just a glimpse of how the evening unfolded by candlelight.

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