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The Berkeley Wire: 11.09.11

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Protesters vote to set up Occupy Cal camp at UC Berkeley

Protestors met for a general assembly at around 1:45 pm today at Sproul Plaza on the UC Berkeley campus. Photos: Tracey Taylor

Update, 7:52pm: Video footage of police beating protesters at today’s Occupy Cal demonstrations has emerged. The following video was uploaded to YouTube by Miles Mathews [Hat-tip: Bruce Love]:

Update, 4:36 pm: Protesters have been attempting to set up tents and clashing with police at the Cal Occupy demonstrations on campus, according to various media reports. UC Berkeley spokesperson Janet Gilmore confirmed to the Daily Californian that there have been six arrests over the course of the day. UCPD have issued dispersal notices and have been taking down tents erected by protesters. Shortly after 4:00 pm, protesters were attempting to convene another general assembly.

This afternoon, Berkeley councilmember Kriss Worthington sent a letter to the UC Chancellor and the UCPD Chief complaining of what he says appears to be the suppression of free speech by the UCPD. … Continue reading »

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The Soldier’s Tale: A Stravinsky classic reimagined

The Soldier's Tale
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The Aurora Theatre Company is leaping beyond tradition with a kinetic classic, Igor Stravinsky’s “The Soldier’s Tale”, created in 1918, and brought to new life through the imaginings of co-directors Muriel Maffre and Tom Ross.

The libretto for “A Soldier’s Tale” was written by the French-speaking Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz, and when Maffre, a former San Francisco Ballet prima ballerina, first encountered the story she was seduced by its colorful, humorous language. “We chose a translation that kept the same flavor,” she said, about the English adaptation penned by Donald Pippin, Artistic Director and founder of San Francisco’s Pocket Opera.

“It’s in rhyme, so that gives it a particular propulsion,” Ross, the Aurora’s Artistic Director, noted. … Continue reading »

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Young chess masters head to Brazil for championships

Josiah Stearman, 8, and Ben Rood, 7, will be representing the US in the World Youth Chess Championships in Brazil next week. Photo: Lance Knobel
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Most second and third graders probably have fairly modest plans for next week. Josiah Stearman and Ben Rood, however, will be getting on a plane for Brazil to compete in the World Junior Chess Championships in Caldas Novas. The boys are the latest students of the Berkeley Chess School to represent the United States at the world championships.

From modest beginnings nearly 30 years ago, the Berkeley Chess School now runs 120 different classes throughout the Bay Area. Stearman and Rood attend classes in Orinda and work under John Griefe, an international master who was US chess champion in 1973. Both boys started playing chess when they were four years old.

“It was fun to play,” said Rood. “Now I like it because it’s strategic.”

“I think it’s challenging and I like to study and practice,” said Stearman. … Continue reading »

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Whole-beast butcher shop taps appetite for local meat

Aaron and Monica Rocchino, who opened The Local Butcher Shop in August, say they have been welcomed by the Berkeley community. Photo: Tracey Taylor
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It’s only been just over two months since former Chez Panisse chef Aaron Rocchino and his wife Monica opened The Local Butcher Shop in the heart of Berkeley’s Gourmet Ghetto. But the store, which prides itself on sourcing locally and embracing the whole animal, has already found a loyal clientele and two very local restaurant clients.

Chez Panisse, perhaps not surprisingly, is patronizing the newly established meat purveyor and buying its beef there, as well as “anything else they need when they’re in a pinch”, says Monica Rocchino.

Saul’s Deli is getting ground beef from its new neighbor and, as of last Tuesday, serving Local Butcher Shop bologna. Executive Chef Peter Levitt hopes this might go some way to appeasing his salami loving customers who, he says, are suffering while Saul’s searches for sustainable, artisanal salami it feels happy to serve. … Continue reading »

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Where in Berkeley?

Where in Berkeley?

Know where this is? Take a guess and let us know in the Comments.

Update, 10:30 am: “Jnhmbltn” got it right! This is Vik’s Chaat Corner at 2390 4th Street at Channing. Congratulations, “Jnhmbltn”, on being this week’s winner.

Photo by Neil Mishalov.

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