Mid-century Berkeley home gets $300,000 price chop

When a home gets a $300,000 price cut, you know it’s not a cheap house to begin with. But then this doesn’t look like a cheap house — far from it.

For fans of mid-century modern architecture — and those who appreciate plentiful acreage, additional living space and views — there’s a lot to recommend the 3-bedroom, 2 bathroom home at 636 Wildcat Canyon Road.

Built by F. Rosenthal in 1956, the home came on the market in early September priced at $1,950,000. Since then it’s had two price reductions, and is now listed at $1,650,000.

The property is sited on over an acre of land and the views are onto the Tilden hills; there are the tall ceilings and walls of glass one associates with the mid-century style; and there’s a separate 1-bedroom guest house included in the price tag.

The home is open on Sunday November 13, 2:30-4:00 pm. See The Grubb Company’s website for full details.

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  • It was way overpriced to begin with.

  • jjohannson

    If the kitchen is the heart of the home, this residence needs a quadruple bypass.

  • It’s not all that bad. It’s certainly dated (appears to be original) but at least it’s in good condition and hasn’t suffered the sad fate of being “upgraded” in a cheezy and incongruous way like the kitchens of so many of the Craftsmen bungalows in Berkeley.

  • the deer!

    Really beautiful classic modern, the lines, the textures, and open spaces are truly wonderful. It’s probably just too Modernist for most folks in Berkeley. Also, it’s likely priced to keep the sellers from “going under”. Not so many years ago, people were bidding hundreds over asking to be considered buyers, not that this is that kind of situation, I son’t know, but luckily that’s not the current trend. Hard now for whose who got caught up in that.

  • Anonymous

    While the property may have been initially overpriced for the current market, it certainly is a bargain now. One has to appreciate what factors influence architectural details: for this gem, mid-century entertaining focused on sharing the prepared meal with friends (unlike today where we visit with friends while we all cook together), hence the efficient kitchen enclosed behind the swinging door with the little server’s window through which plated meals were passed, and all the mess hidden from the company’s view.  I would guess that a fairly simple remodel entailing removing that wall, and building a counter along the window would bring this quaint kitchen up to today’s standards. And I don’t know about other Berkeley folks, but in all of my walks throughout the Berkeley Hills, I have yet to come across a comparable residence that in all of its splendor, spaciousness, and exquisite landscaping, gives me a sense of tranquility, that I can finally relax.  And I found the smaller cottage ideal for a “granny flat” (multigenerational situation) or income-producing rental.   

  • the deer!

    sorry about the spelling mishaps! my fingers are going crazy or something…

  • Anonymous

    I really liked the place as well when I saw it.  The kitchen is pretty awful as others have commented, but there’s room for to expand the kitchen by about 10′ outward, which would make an enormous difference.  So figure another $100-$150k for that.  The bathrooms are dated but in an ok way.  It’s definitely a really classic mid-century modern, beautifully maintained; and the grounds are beautiful.  If it weren’t so high up in the hills I’d be really tempted to buy it, but sadly I really want to be closer to the center of things.

  • Charles_Siegel

    ” If it weren’t so high up in the hills I’d be really tempted to buy it,
    but sadly I really want to be closer to the center of things.”

    Another classic feature of mid-century modern suburban homes: they were designed for total auto-dependency.

    It would be interesting to calculate the carbon footprint of this house.  I am sure it has a huge heating bill, plus at least one automobile per adult.

  • Anonymous

    You know, that’s a really good point (car dependence designed in). Makes me question my undying love of these mid-century architectural gems…