Breaking: Shooting at Cal’s Haas School of Business

UC Berkeley spokesperson Dan Mogulov on the steps of the Haas School of Business talking to reporters at 3:45 pm today. Photo: Lance Knobel

Update 5:13 pm: Our full report from the chancellor’s press conference.

Update, 4:26 pm: From the press conference: The suspect is at Highland Hospital. The police said they were in fear of their safety. There were four students between the suspect and the officers. One officer fired the gun. The suspect was a white male, apparently in his 20s, around 5’8″, wearing a blue jacket and jeans. His firearm was in a backpack. The last shooting on the Cal campus occurred over 20 years ago.

Update, 4:17 pm: Only one police officer shot a gun in the incident. Three police officers who were at the scene have been placed on administrative leave as per policy.

Update, 4:14pm: Watch live stream of UCPD and UCBerkeley Chancellor holding press conference on Haas shooting now.

Update, 3:58 pm: UC Berkeley has confirmed that police fired the shots in today’s shooting incident. Here is their statement published on the News Center website:

Campus officials report that a shooting took place Tuesday afternoon at the Haas School of Business.

The suspect was seen carrying a gun. A staff member reported this to the police, who responded immediately. The suspect entered a computer room, where police followed him and asked him to put up his hands. The suspect then pulled out the gun, and police shot him.

The area is now contained, and the Haas School has been evacuated until further notice.

The police remain on the scene, and the victim is en route to the hospital. No other injuries have been reported, and there is no indication of other shooters.

UC Berkeley’s Warn Me system has been activated by police, but the campus is not asking the community to shelter in place.

Updates of this incident will be forthcoming.

Update, 3:45 pm: We have confirmation, from UC Berkeley spokesperson Dan Mogulov of the following:

Earlier this afternoon a staff member at the Haas School was riding in the elevator. They saw a man who was carrying a firearm in his bag. The staff member informed their supervisor when they got off the elevator. The supervisor called law enforcement (UCPD) who came to the school.

The police found the identified person in the computer lab and shouted “Drop the gun”. Shots were fired. Mogulov could not confirm who shot or how many shots were fired. Berkeleyside spoke to one person who was at the front desk of the computer lab who said he heard four or five shots after hearing the words “drop the gun” being spoken.

The suspect is also the victim. He was alive when he was taken to hospital. The name of the hospital has not been confirmed, and the condition of the victim is not known at this time.

“All students, faculty and staff are safe,” said Mogulof. “We have no idea who the suspect is. We have no idea why he was here.”

The Haas School is going to be closed for the remainder of the day because it is a crime scene.

A press conference is being held at 4:00 pm and we will keep providing updates.

Update, 3:15 pm: According to UCPD spokesperson Alex Yao, the suspect and the victim are one and the same in this incident.

Update, 3:14 pm: According to witnesses on campus talking to media reporters on the ground, including KTVU and California Beat, there may be one suspect in the shooting and he or she may have been taken into custody. The shooting is believed to have occurred in a third-floor computer lab at the Haas School of Business and as many as 10 shots may have been fired. We will provide confirmation and updates as soon as we have them.

Update 2:59pm University spokesman Dan Mogulof told Berkeleyside that there had been a shooting at Haas and the victim had been transported to the hospital. The Haas School has been evacuated. Mogulof is now meeting with UC Police.

Original story: According to ABC News, reporting via Twitter, UC Berkeley spokesperson Dan Mogulof has confirmed that there has been a shooting at the Haas School of Business on the Cal campus.

It’s an Occupy Cal Day of Action on campus today but it is not clear whether the alleged shooting and the demonstrations are related.

Ericka Lutz on Twitter reports that she had received a UC Warn Me text saying “Shooting at Haas, police on scene and all under control, avoid the area”.

We will keep providing updates as soon as we have them.

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  • Brian Thomas

    just got the emergency RSS feed…

  • Sahelidatta

    I’m glad the victim is allowed, but *what about the shooter*?? Have they been apprehended??

  • Bruce Love

    Daily Cal is tweeting:

    BREAKING: Suspect brandishing a weapon, shot by law enforcement, taken to hospital, according to Mogulof

  • can someone edit the filth out by Palmer?  what a degenerate.

  • Cynthia Gorney

    Folks, you don’t have a comment cleanup policy? Kindly read below.  Aaugh.  

  • Nick Gallerani

    of course it would be brian thomas posting first.

  • thanks, Berkeleyside.  I couldn’t believe that post.  

  • Guest

    I’m staff at Cal, and even though I’m signed up for their WarnMe emergency system, I did not receive a message. I just checked and they have all of my correct information. It seems as if only some people received the warning.

  • Sleeplessintokyo

    “…the suspect and the victim are one and the same in this incident.” Please clear this up quickly as it looks like the perpetrator shot himself 10x after reading this article.

  • Bruce Love

    Mostly people heard about it from twitter and the badly overloaded Daily Cal web site.

    Apparently this was a shooting by the police, hence no expectation of an active shooter or any such thing — hence no emergency alert.

  • Frankdatank

    I didn’t receive a text either.  It’s frustrating that UC is so slow to make info available.

  • Guest

    Got a WarnMe text within minutes.  Most students and alums reporting the same on Facebook.

  • berkeley resident

    Seems like the helicopters are back…

  • Guest

    Neither did I, but I know others did receive a message. WarnMe has several slots to enter contact info for email, txt, voice contacts. Seems only the first slot worked, and only if SMS? The system doesn’t send test txts, emails or calls when you first set up the contacts. Nothing but a false sense of security.

  • Derrick Coetzee

    If I understand this article correctly, a man carrying a gun was shot and wounded by police, but did not shoot or attempt to shoot anyone.

  • Guest

    I’m also staff. I received the emails instantly to my gmail account, but received them to my 20 minutes late and out of order (a later alert arrived 5 minutes before an earlier one). I think it might be related to the CalMail issues that have been happening for nearly a month now.

  • berkeley resident

    Yes seems like the police stopped him before he had a chance to use the gun.

  • Guest

    Original poster here. I got a forwarded message from somebody else (this is how I found out about it), so some people did receive messages. Still haven’t received an email to my Cal account or a text message.

  • my thought as well.  between this, the protests, and so forth we will be in copter land for a while.

  • Old car kook

    Say what you want but my sincere deepest thanks go, yet again, to the VERY capable UCPD who quickly and effectively neutralized a threat to the students they swore that they would protect

    Thank you UCPD

  • I live downtown, on Oxford. Whenever there are helicopters, there is always one directly over my building. Since I am on the top floor, it is much like having the helicopter blasting inside my home.

    . . . . I don’t spend all my time hovering at berkeleyside but the hovering helicopters alert me to when something is going on at UC. Geez, the helicopters get here fast.  Why can’t they hover over the campus?  or over Tilden?

    As bingo points out, it looks like those of us living in helicopter hell are in for a long haul.  I hope the occupy protests continue but maybe they could add protests about the helicopter hell along with everything else?!

  • Your statement sorta kinda implies an assumption that the guy was going to definitely use the gun. I think it is legal to carry concealed weapons, right? so why would carrying a concealed weapon give cops permission to gun the guy down? Was it cause he had a weapon inside the Haas Biz school? Or is UC Berkeley a fealty independent of  state law?

    If he didn’t actually pull out his gun, if someone saw the gun in his backpack, is that enough reason for cops to mow down humans?  I actually do understand that cops have some need to be strict when facing an unknown person wielding a gun but a gun in a backpack, spotted by an unprofessional witness? Surely some careful discretion before shooting at citizens should be strongly emphasized?

  • EBGuy

    TL, as per the update at 3:58pm:

    The suspect then pulled out the gun, and police shot him.

    Note: this is assuming the police account is correct and he wasn’t
    brandishing a Samsung Galaxy S phone at police officers to post to his
    Facebook account.

  • laura


    The guy pulled the gun when asked by police to put his hands up.

    He did not comply with police. The question of rather or not he has a conceal to carry permit is moot.

    Thank goodness no innocent person was hurt.

    This guy was no innocent, pulling a gun on cops indicates he was trouble.

  • JW

    According to UC’s news center (see above), his gun was out:

    “The suspect was seen carrying a gun. A staff member reported this to the
    police, who responded immediately. The suspect entered a computer room,
    where police followed him and asked him to put up his hands. The
    suspect then pulled out the gun, and police shot him.”

  • laura

    Other news sources state the cops told the guy THREE times

    Put down the gun.

  • kells

    >>I think it is legal to carry concealed weapons, right?Not without a concealed carry weapons permit, which is extremely difficult to obtain in this county.

  • Anonymous

    Helicopter Hell :  How to mitigate and retain one’s sanity during this time :  # 1.  Close your windows.  # 2.  Walk or drive to CVS pharmacy and purchase their “Soft Silicon Ear Plugs” in a package of 6 pairs.  Shower or clean inner ear with soap and H20 and carefully follow the directions.  I have slept with them and they do *not* cause any pain to the ear and one can tune out the choppers this way and actually ‘rest’ or ‘sleep’.  # 3.  If it’s really bad as it is tonight, drive over to say Rivoli Restaurant on Solano Ave. and sit at the bar or go into to dinner.  This will all end as soon as the weather changes.  Always does, along with the crime rate.  p.s. the worst chopper over N. Berkeley just flew off at 5:45 pm. Amen!

  • In the first report I read, there was no statement that the suspect had pulled the gun, only that a staff person had seen the gun in his backpack. Pulling a gun on a cop or anyone is very different. Give me a break. My comment was written in response to a story that has evolved.

    My comment was qualified, too, I wrote “IF” the guy didn’t actually pull the gun. . . now reports are indicating that he did pull out his gun.  I am sure there is more to the story. Something alerted the staff who realized there was a gun in that backpack. . . . my comment was qualified. . .

    As I learned in law school, the actual facts of a situation actually matter, which is why my comment was qualified. Obviously, “IF” the guy pulled a gun, esp. on cops and with innocent bystanders, the situation merited the cops pulling guns. For all we know, the cops stopped innocent victims from getting shot. IF IF IF.  Give me a break., please.

  • Anonymous

    >Your statement sorta kinda implies an assumption that the guy was going to definitely use the gun.

    Having a concealed handgun on campus or anywhere else in Alameda county is illegal. There is no legitimate reason to bring a deadly weapon onto campus. It’s exactly the same as bringing one into a workplace.

    > I think it is legal to carry concealed weapons, right?

    Wrong. You need a CCW permit, and Alameda County is very strict about issuing them. It is not what is called a “shall issue” county.

    >If he didn’t actually pull out his gun,

    He did.

  • I think you have misinterpreted the point I was trying to make. If there is a concealed carry weapons permit system in place, a cop should not be able to assume the person did not obtain one.  In fact, I submit that there should be a presumption of innocence, a presumption that the guy has a permit to carry a concealed weapon until it is otherwise established.  My position is moot now that I know the guy pulled his gun on cops, with innocent bystanders. But if this state has a cocnealed carry permit system, that changes the dynamics enormously for the kind of duty the cops have. Remember, my comments were narrow:  my comment made it very clear that I thought the news report said the guy had not pulled the gun, that a witness has become aware of a gun in a backback. Obviously the guy pulling his gun is a significantly different fact pattern than the one I was using to make my comment.

    But you, kells, have wholly failed to grasp that if this state has a concealed carry permit system in place, cops can’t assume the guy is doing something wrong if he has a gun in his backpack — and even, then, it was only hearsay that he had the gun in the backpack until he pulled it out.

    The facts are different than I had understood them.  Read more carefully, think more rigorously. Or go to law school and learn how to think more clearly and read and write more carefully. One of the central lessons I got from law school: I was trained to read what was actually written without projecting my own assumptions and then I learned to avoid filtering my reading through my own biases. I learned how to read what is actually written. My first comment about the shooting was based on assumptions that I disclosed in my comment. Chillax.

  • as you say, laura, ‘other news sources’ state the cops told the guy three times. . . . which reinforces the fact that my comment was qualified. . . I have noticed, laura, if you are the same laura who regularly comments here was laura menard (and I acknowledge that I am making an assumption here, qualifying my comment with another ‘IF”), then this is not the first time I have experienced judgmental comments based on manipulated, distorted interpretations of comments I have made.  I am not an intemperate hothead. I am a very left leaning person with a deep antipathy and suspicion of our increasingly militaristic police culture.  I used to do some criminal defense work and I tend to make negative assumptions about police overreaction. I am human and inescapably biased.

    And, I still stand by my original, qualified comment: if the guy had not pulled a gun, shooting him was overreaction. But apparently the guy did pull  a gun.

    I can acknowledge that I am aware that I am feeling very skeptical of any statements UC says about cop violence because I saw videos of cops beating students and professors just a few days ago, unprovoked violence.  I am influenced by hearing a UC police spokeswoman declare that protestors locking arms was violence. I am noticing that I am developing a tendency to disbelieve official UC statements.  I just read Birgeneau’s response to today’s shooting and I am aware of deep skepticism within me.  I will go with the facts in the latest reports which indicate the guy pulled out his gun when the cops approached him and asked about a weapon: but those facts were not available to me when I wrote my earlier comment and my earlier comment clearly acknowledged that i was making a key, factual assumption.  I wrote “IF” this is what happened, I qualified my judgment.  My qualified judgment was based on misinformation that I clearly disclosed as a foundation for my comment.

    For the record, if someone pulls a gun on a cop, the cop has to protect themselves and esp. innocent bystanders. In my initial comment, I strongly stated that I know cops have to respond when someone pulls out a gun. And I made it clear that it was my understanding that the guy had NOT pulled his gun. And I stand by my analysis> “IF” the guy had not pulled his gun, the cops would have been wrong to shoot him. IF IF IF. read what I actually wrote. Read and think with rigour.

  • laura


    no big deal.

    as I said thank goodness no innocent person was hurt or killed.

  • Completely Serious

    I just got a text from Kriss Worthington:

    “I condemn the outrageous shooting of a man by UCPD, even though I wasn’t there and don’t know all the details.  They didn’t even know if the gun was loaded.  I call on UCPD to all commit hari kari while I dance a jig with noodlehead socialists.”

    As I understand it, since the City Council refused to renew the mutual aid contract with UCPD, if they had needed any help today, it would have to come from other jurisdictions.  Thanks a lot, bozos.  I feel safer already.

    I’m going back to El Cerrito where I’m safe with Kriss.

  • JW

    The report above was made at 3:58 and you posted at 5:02.  Was there still an IF in your mind?

  • kells

    Wow okay. All I did was comment on the question “I think it is legal to carry concealed weapons, right?”. 

  • berkeley resident

    I don’t believe there is any good reason for any person to have a gun in his backpack in a computer lab on a University campus.  Usually this is a bad sign and leads to innocent people getting hurt.  As noted below, he took the gun out and the police asked him to put it down multiple times.  If I was in that room and some guy had a gun in his backpack, I would appreciate campus police disarming him any way they could.  He had the option of dropping his gun and not getting shot and he chose not to do that.  Luckily no one else was hurt.

  • berkeley resident

    He wasn’t there and doesn’t know all the details but feels the need to comment.  Fascinating.

  • Weastron

    What?  And you attend Berkley?

  • Rob

    Call me Mr. Skeptical, but it just doesn’t make sense yet. The man was apparently minding his own business in a computer lab, then the police come in with guns drawn saying, “Drop the gun!” And THEN the man pulls a gun from a backpack? I am trying to follow the story line here and it just doesn’t make sense. What are the other bystanders saying? Those are the interviews I am interested in hearing. I do not want to believe the police were too aggressive, but I am not comfortable just hearing their report of events and taking it as the end-all either.

  • Booboo_2000 watch this before anyone judges he was my good friend

  • Sfineville

    I feel you. I live near Children’s Hospital in Oakland and there are low-flying helicopters flying over my apartment daily and at all hours. Sometimes it sounds/feels as though they’ll land on my roof but at least I know it means there is a sick child who needs care and is about to receive it – so I tolerate it. But I do wonder about the pollution/particulates from helicopters and whether there is any kind of regulations…

  • Elliot

    I wonder what the student was doing.  Was he going to start shooting people like what happened in other schools?  If so he was stopped ;and may he rest in Peace.

  • Johnsonstuff

    If his moves was so treating, why did only one officer shoot? And why did he shoot him 10 TIMES?!

  • Hopefully, if there was a conspiracy to kill this student and cover it up, those close to him who don’t buy the suicide theory will speak up to the authorities,

  • Lawrence Sweet

    I worked in the haas computer lab (where the shooting occurred) and was present when the shooting happened. i hit the deck and did not see the action, but I was 15 feet away from it. it was death by copicide – intentionally brandishing a weapon with the intent of being killed by cops. i managed the last computer he used, and i would say a prayer for him from time to time. i hope his spirit is full of joy now, this world can be so hard!