Police and Occupy Berkeley protestors clash in streets

Berkeley police and some Occupy Berkeley protestors clashed Thursday morning around 12:30 am as police tried to clear a path for a public works truck.

Protestors rushed a public works truck that was parked in front of the Berkeley police department on Martin Luther King Way. Some of them jumped into the back of the truck to retrieve belongings that had been confiscated earlier by police. They pulled out a duffle bag, a traffic cone, and other small items.

A number of police officers who were inside their headquarters then rushed outside to stop the protestors from overwhelming the truck, which by that point had driven into the street and was stopped at a red light. A number of protestors suffered minor cuts and bruises after being struck with police batons.

This was not the expected eviction of the Occupy Berkeley camp at Civic Center Plaza. A number of tents remain in the park.

You can watch the confrontation starting around minute 18 on this USTREAM video.

Police confront Occupy Berkeley protestors Thursday morning. Photo: Steve Leibel / stevelimages.com

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  • AwwCmon

    In short, anyone who doesn’t agree with me is WRONG!  Why is Newt Gingrich using the screen name “linda”?????

  • C++

    Newt Gingrich is no Thomas Jefferson, you moron.

  • Charles, do a Google image search for “”SMASH CAPITALISM” Occupy”
    You can find dozens of photographs of protesters at Occupy marches carrying signs saying that, and variations thereof.

    I originally wrote a longer response including photos and information about various demands from Occupy groups that backed up my statements, but for some reason the moderators are not blocking my direct replies to your comment.

  • Let’s face it: Anyone who is not against the occupy movement’s counterproductive
    tactics is completely brainwashed. I feel sorry for you guys.


  • Charles_Siegel

    You are right.  Occupy is a decentralized, leaderless movement, and anyone who takes part can say whatever they want to say.  As a result, you can find lots of members of the lunatic fringe who are quoted as speaking for the Occupy movement. 

    I was wrong to say that I never heard anyone in the Occupy movement talk about smashing capitalism. 

    More accurately. the message that has gotten through to the public has been about reducing inequality, taxing the very rich, ending corporate personhood, and the like.

    On an earlier comment, you partly agreed with me by saying that Occupy Cal had some effect in speeding up the tuition reduction.  That is the sort of message that has been getting through. 

  • Bruce Love

    The medium is the message.

  • Eloaklandtejano

    I AM  a home owner in Berkeley and because I bought my house during the peak of the bubble, I would surmise I pay a whole lot more of parcel tax and other taxes than you do. That said, I am highly offended by your approach to local politics, as if those who earn more and thus pay higher taxes or are homeowners should have more say in a community!  Screw that!

  • C++

    Everything is counterproductive – until it isn’t. If you think it is counterproductive then you have been against every social movement in the history of the world. You must be agaist the weekend, then too – but I highly doubt this, thus my statement on you being brainwashed, and, sadly, believing in things against your own interests. Open a book, for Christ’s sake, brother.

  • Real

    I would say the use of his baton at about 14 seconds would be police brutality; that was a very calculated hit meant to inflict pain and delirium.

  • Hawkweed

    Of a person is a victim of an attempted rape or other crime, the police should try to catch and detain the criminal, not punish the victims.  If a person is victimized in a residence, you don’t evict the victims. 

  • Anonymous

    The City and BPD did a great job.  WTF with the heading “Police Brutality”?  Is it meant sarcastically?  

  • Yidlgetzl

    Thank you Berkeley for disbanding the camp.