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The Berkeley Wire: 12.23.11

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Two shot on Sacramento Street

Berkeley police confer during their investigation of two shootings on Sacramento St. Photo: Frances Dinkelspiel
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Berkeley police are looking for the suspect or suspects who shot two people walking on Sacramento Street around 12:41 pm.

911 started getting numerous calls that shots had been fired at the intersection of Sacramento and Woolsey streets but when police arrived there there were no victims or perpetrators in sight, said Lt. Andrew Greenwood of the Berkeley police department. Shortly thereafter, police learned that someone had driven two people with bullet wounds to an area hospital, he said. They … Continue reading »

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Occupy Berkeley: the day after

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Citizen reporter Robert Singer sent in this striking picture of Civic Center Park. It was taken today, a day after the Occupy Berkeley camp was dismantled. The patches of grass in the foreground are discolored from where tents sat.

Police have said tents can stay up during the day, but are prohibited between 10 pm and 6 am.

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Student-run project works to rebuild Navajo community

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By Grace Garey

During the first week of January, when most college students are lounging at home nursing New Year’s Eve hangovers and enjoying meals and laundry courtesy of mom, 60 California students will be working with the Berkeley-based non-profit Project Pueblo to help rebuild a Navajo Nation community devastated by a 43-year federal ban on development.

The founder of Project Pueblo is 28-year-old Sean Wycliffe. In 2002, Wycliffe was mid-way through his second year at Cal when he opted dropped out to oversee the expansion of a marketing business he’d started on the side. “I wanted to be financially independent,” Wycliffe said, “and I knew I had a good idea, so I just went for it.” Allowing himself to pursue his spontaneous instincts paid off; the business generated over $1 million in new revenue during his first year. … Continue reading »

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Shotgun’s God’s Plot is terrific end for 20th season

God's Plot by Shotgun Players. Photo courtesy of Shotgun
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Director Mark Jackson may not have set out to deliver a message when he wrote God’s Plot, Shotgun Players’ 20th Anniversary season ender, but his world premiere play, ringing forth with the weight of Paul Revere and enough comedic literary talent to make it insanely enjoyable, sends a robust call to arms.

At its center, the production is a layered love story. There are young men and one woman, aflame with passion and grand expectations; several characters with vigorous attachments to their faith of choice; and colonists in love with the early American dream of freedom.

The action takes place in a brilliantly designed set by Nina Ball that makes use of two tables, a few chairs, a couple bales of hay, and a 4×5 foot rolling platform to suggest everything from a barn to a courtroom to a river.

William Darby, a man of letters, is tasked with tutoring Tryal Pore. The young lovers soon discover a connection beyond Shakespeare, but hide their extracurricular activities from Tryal’s puritanical mother, father, and the ever-present eyes of God. … Continue reading »


Police blotter: recent crime in Berkeley

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This is a partial list of recent crimes in Berkeley based on information from the Berkeley Police Department and the UC Berkeley Police Department. For other sources of information on crime in Berkeley see Community CrimeView and Crimemapping.com.

Drunk in Public & Probation Violation Arrest – Gilman and HWY I-80 #2011-70305

A caller requested a welfare check of a man beneath the I80 overpass at Gilman on Sunday, December 18, 2011 at about 2:09 p.m. The beat officer contacted the 45 year old man who she was familiar with from her patrol. She noted that he was in an area that he was not supposed to be as he has a “Stay Away Order “ as a condition of his probation. When the officer engaged him asking him if he was ok etc, the officer noted that the suspect displayed objective symptoms of alcoholic beverage intoxication (slurred/thick speech, bloodshot eyes, unsteady gait) and was unable to care for himself. The suspect became increasingly hostile, combative, tried to kick the officer and was spitting at her. Based of his severe level of intoxication, the officer requested BFD paramedics to respond and they transported the suspect to a local ER for assessment. Later, after cleared for incarceration, officers booked him into the jail at the BPD Jail for PC1203.2 – Probation Violation and PC647(f) – Drunk in Public. … Continue reading »

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Small temblor shakes Berkeley

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A 2.7 magnitude earthquake shook Berkeley at 9:18 pm Thursday, with its epicenter in the Berkeley hills near Berkeley National Laboratory, according to the USGS.

The shaking was felt all over town.  @nmsanchez tweeted “Earthquake shook hard in West Berkeley.”

No damage has been reported.

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