Two shot on Sacramento Street

Berkeley police confer during their investigation of two shootings on Sacramento St. Photo: Frances Dinkelspiel

Berkeley police are looking for the suspect or suspects who shot two people walking on Sacramento Street around 12:41 pm.

911 started getting numerous calls that shots had been fired at the intersection of Sacramento and Woolsey streets but when police arrived there there were no victims or perpetrators in sight, said Lt. Andrew Greenwood of the Berkeley police department. Shortly thereafter, police learned that someone had driven two people with bullet wounds to an area hospital, he said. They have been admitted, but police do not yet know if their wounds are life-threatening.

The assailants fired numerous bullets at the victims. There were at least 20 evidence markers on Sacramento Street, although Lt. Greenwood said they were not all bullet casings.

Witnesses at the scene said the suspect or suspects had fled up Woolsey Street and police did a house by house search of a two block area, said Lt. Greenwood. They did not find the shooters. Oakland police assisted the search with its canine unit, he said.

“The block search is going on right now,” said Lt. Greenwood. “We are searching a two block area. There are cops all over the block.”

Clumps of neighbors stood behind the yellow police tape, watching the action. One neighbor said cops had told him he should go inside his house to be safe.

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  • Fready

    What specifically meant by ” house by house search” ?

  • Frances Dinkelspiel

    They went into every house on the block

  • Laura

    House, garage, yard etc.

    nice to see OPD still lends the canine unit despite the city council holding back on some parts of the  mutual aid agreement.

  • BerkeleyCommonSense

    How close to the marijuana store was this shooting? 

  • Laura

    Several blocks away, the southside of Ashby.

    Folks on the street said those involved were teens, that will need to be confirmed.

  • Frances Dinkelspiel

    A few blocks away. 

  • Berkopinionator

    No suspect description. Did the victims refuse to “snitch” and ID the perps?  

  • Akmonday

    is that marijuana shop still there? because it looks seriously deserted (I live around the corner). I haven’t walked up to it but I got the feeling it had moved on.

  • Leahjensenwon

    What the police do or do not know is that there is a major methamphetamine dealing going on on Prince Street. When you see a shoot out between two African Americans and a White male, it usually is NOT over crack in fact the crack head will trade the gun for crack. Meth is cheap and accessible. One of the many personalities of meth users is being extremely violent. It appears to be a drug deal gone bad that started on Prince but escalating onto Woolsey. It concerns me a lot the violence meth and crack bring to this neighborhood. We have had nothing like this happen since the shooting on Acton and 66th two years ago. We have come so far since that incident. The police presence after that incident was extremely noticable. You could not drive up or down 66th street with your music blasting or 20 inch rims without being sweated by the police or task force. It seems like the people who have brought this violence to our community have become comfortable once again.

  • sky

    drugs are not racist and in today’s drug trade ALL races participate in using. and I am a certified Registered Addiction Specialist and have been in the field more than 20 years and have lived in Berkeley my entire life. White people use CRACK too. And for your information Meth is now being put into CRACK.

    [Ed: This comment has been moderated.]