The Berkeley Wire: 12.28.11

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  • Charles_Siegel

    I presume Berkeleyside will have some coverage of this:

    UC Berkeley Bulldozes People’s Park to Make It More “Sanitary”.

    By Carol Denney and Planet

    Wednesday December 28, 2011 – 03:37:00 PM

    Bulldozers ploughed through the west end of
    People’s Park today turning decades of community garden into rubble.
    Dozens of police watched as crews tossed mountains of healthy plants and
    a community-built arbor into dumpsters, leaving behind stripped earth. A young student who claimed to be volunteering as a police assistant
    handed out university fliers which stated, “In response to park users
    and neighbor concerns, we are doing maintenance work to address the rat
    infestation and safety issues in People’s Park.” A UC press
    release described the activity as “an effort to provide students and the
    broader community with safer, more sanitary conditions.”–By-Carol-Denney-and-Planet

  • Bruce Love

    Landscape architecture that was up to a point a virtue for its particular balance of privacy and openness lost its social context and became a liability because of its particular balance of privacy and openness.   I don’t think this is much like the volleyball court.   The volleyball court was a big F.U. attempt at crypto eviction.   I don’t think this is is a big F.U.   I think its sincere and probably on target, sadly.

  • Charles_Siegel

    I went and looked, and it is not near as significant as I expected.  They removed some landscaping, but they left most.  I don’t think it is a big issue at all.

  • Mike Farrell

    ANYTHING to do with People’s Park” is a Big Deal.
    Remember how long park activists quibbled about where to build the restroom in the park?
    I was finally resolved – after more than a year, I believe – which produced my all-time favorite headline:
    “Committee Approves Bathroom”
    How very, very Berkeley