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Berkeley resolutions for 2012 — and how we did in 2011

Plenty of Berkeleyans were out on the Claremont Canyon trail today, putting into practice a personal resolution. What should we resolve for the city? Photo: Tracey Taylor
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We can take it as read that 2012 will be filled with news. It’s an election year, both national and mayoral, the economy’s glacial improvement still weighs on the city and local business, and, if the lack of rain so far is any indication, we may be facing drought conditions as the year moves on. On Berkeleyside, we take a moment on the first day of the year to make some resolutions for our city. At the bottom of the post, we run a slide rule over the performance of our resolutions in 2011 (spoiler: we did much better than in 2010).

1. The city makes progress on solving its long-term budget issues. There are a host of budgetary issues facing Berkeley, from streets improvement to storm drains to parks. The big prize for improving the long-term outlook is resolving a new contract with the police — police pensions are the biggest liability the city faces, as made clear in the December work session.

2. Something goes right for Telegraph Avenue. We wish it hadn’t been the case, but 2011 was an annus horribilis for Telegraph. Perhaps there’s nowhere to go but up. It’s plausible that 2012 could bring a fast-track plan for the Sequoia Apartments site, progress on the vacant site opposite, and further action by the university in People’s Park to improve sanitation and safety along the lines recommended by the Telegraph Business Improvement District.

3. Berkeley attracts more retailers that aren’t drugstores. The arrival of the Apple Store on Fourth Street was a true business highlight of 2011. The first swallow heralding a new dawn for retailers in Berkeley? … Continue reading »