The Berkeley Wire: 01.04.12

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  • Mike Olson

    First link, to the WaPo story, is wrong — it’s to Doran’s obit.

  • Lknobel

    Thanks for the heads-up, Mike. Link now fixed.

  • Sue

    I guess this is the way it is now, but when I clicked on link to read the WSJ article on Berkeley earthquakes, I was teased with a couple paragraphs and then forced to subscribe if I wanted to finish the article.  I think that sucks, but admit I may be in the minority.

  • Sue: We understand your frustration. We did in fact wait until the WSJ article was published in full before linking to it, but it seems they have put it behind a pay-wall again. While we of all people understand the need to underwrite journalism, we did not intend for you to click on a link only to be unable to read the story in question. Try this link to see if you get the full piece:

  • Nope.