The Berkeley Wire: 01.10.12

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  • Meliflaw

    Gennifer Brandon is a spectacular rebounder (and not a bad scorer, either). During Cal WBB’s last two home games, she achieved 28 points and 27 rebounds, with minimal fouls and few turnovers:

    Thanks to Gen, Cal has the top rebounding margin in the country. I’ve no idea how she manages such elevation; she must be part gazelle.

  • Oscar Juarez

    I love to watch that woman jump.  Sometimes it seems as though she will disappear into the rafters at Haas.  

  • Meliflaw

    Kind of like this?

    (OK, now I’ll shut up about Gen.)

  • Meliflaw

    Oops–Berkeleyside wouldn’t accept the photo I tried to post; can’t blame them, really.

    It’s here, though: