Where in Berkeley?

Where in Berkeley?

Know where this is? Take a guess and let us know in the Comments.

Update, 9:30 am: Numermaid correctly identified this intriguing piece of art as being on the side of a house on Buena Vista. Another reader suggested it could be found at Trattoria Siciliana on College Avenue, and they are right to a point as it is a symbol used by the restaurant on its menus. Congratulations, Numermaid, on being this week’s winner.

Photo: Lance Knobel.

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  • Guest

    Trattoria Siciliana on College Avenue?

  • Numermaid

    Leroy Ave house

  • Numermaid

    Correction it’s buena vista

  • http://www.davosnewbies.com lknobel

    Numermaid: you’re right! Congratulations on answering this week’s Where in Berkeley. 

  • David

    In Sicily three-legged symbol is called “La Trinacria” and appears on the Sicilian flag. However, unlike the version in the photo above, the La Trinacria has a winged face in the middle. The flag of the Isle of Man also is also similar, but has the three legs in medieval armor with no extra design in the center.