Berkeley Sketchbook: Birds doing their thing

Berkeley graphic designer and artist Diana Howard pulled out her sketchbook to capture some birds taking a snack break. “It’s that time of year again… rowdy flocks of mixed-species birds, gorging on berries even as the hawks glide above,” she writes.

See more of Howard’s Berkeley sketches.

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  • Love these Berkeley sketchbooks!

  • cal

    I’m wondering what kind of berries these are. We have shrubs in our front yard with red berries. The cedar waxwings show up every year and eat them.

  • Haselstein

    Alas, I think the link to the other drawings may be broken. I tried many times. 

  • Mmm. I just checked it and it works for me. I will reload it and let me know if that makes a difference for you, Haselstein.

  • TN

    Looks like pyracantha to me.