Breaking: Man shot and killed in South Berkeley

The homicide took place in south Berkeley close to the intersection of Ashby and Adeline

A man was shot and killed in the 3000 block of Shattuck Avenue around 6:50 p.m., according to Berkeley police.

The man, who has not yet been identified but is a younger man, was found near 3020 Shattuck Ave., according to Sgt. Mary Kusmiss. He had been shot numerous times and was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead, she said. His name and age have not been released.

Police responded to Shattuck Avenue near Emerson after 911 was flooded with calls of shots being fired around the area, said Kusmiss.

“The evidence so far suggests this was not a random shooting,” she said. “This person was the focus of the shooter’s attention.”

Berkeley police are still on the scene.

This is the first homicide in Berkeley in 2012. There was one homicide in Berkeley in 2011.

The location of tonight’s homicide is in south Berkeley close to the intersection of Ashby and Adeline avenues. A murder took place near there Sept. 12, 2010, when Adolfo Ignacio Celedón Bravo was shot and killed while walking home with his girlfriend.

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  • katniss

    Isn’t this near a pot club?  any connection?

  • Anonymous

    No. I live in the neighborhood and the word is that it was a young man who worked at the barber shop on the corner.

  • Pot club right there.  Not good, close it down.  Bring back the fish shop.

  • Visigoth

    about 100-150ft

  • noone

    The victim worked in the barbar shop?

  • Blaqthought

    I go to church around the corner. There have been several shooting in the neighborhood this year.

  • Causality? Makes just as much sense to close down the Indonesian dance/music shop!

  • Enteringtheflow

    Regardless of weather it was connected to the Club or not. Closing the club will not end the violence. Violence is bred in the minds of mislead beings. Love needs to find a way into the hearts and minds of these folks. Whomever they are.

  • Anonymous

    thugs hang out around the pot clubs…you can deny it but you just have your head in the sand.

  • Norakoven

    I understand that the victim is a nephew of the owner of the barber shop, a pleasant youngish man with “dreds”. He was a family man, with several children. He was on the way to watch the game on TV with friends wo lived in that same building. They were terrified, but unharmed, while their friend was murdered at their door. Murder is Never the victim’s fault. While i live a half block from the pot club, and certainly preferred the fish store, this incident has nothing to do with the potclub. At this time, we do not know why Kenny was targetted, or what the details are. We do not know what will be revealed. We can only hope that the perpetrators will be caught and that people who choose violence will somehow change.

  • Anonymous

    Sigh.  It’s such a great neighborhood in general – close to BART, a very diverse group of people who participate actively in Halcyon Neighborhood, wonderful businesses and restaurants and entertainment.  A local acupuncture clinic has even offered neighbors free ear acupuncture for trauma to help ease the news of this latest assault.  In the past few years crime has been rampant on the two blocks of Emerson adjoining Shattuck – at least 3 murders, a beating associated with an armed robbery, additional armed robberies, several house break-ins with senseless vandalism.  Tonight was not a random shooting, but a targeted assault, so that is different from Fito’s murder.  The question has to be asked whether this shooting was related to the ongoing drug-related gang war between the North Oakland gang and a Richmond gang with likely gang-related activity in Berkeley.  Still, it is a sad event for this young man’s family, his co-workers at the barber shop, our neighborhood and our local Berkeley/Oakland community.  Perhaps now our local City Council members will admit there is a “problem” and stop fighting the community-led creation of a Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council (NCPC).  There are nationally accepted best practices that empower citizens to work together – residents and businesses – with police and City staff and local organizations.  An excellent model was created almost 20 years ago as a joint effort between South Berkeley and North Oakland.  It is still used in Oakland and is so successful that it is actually safer to live and work along the Shattuck corridor of North Oakland than in Rockridge.  Please write to your local Berkeley City Council member if you would support a test of this model in South Berkeley.

  • Anonymous

    if “at this time we don’t know why he was targeted” how can you say it has nothing to do with the pot club? I’m not saying the victim was affiliated with the club but what i am saying is all the clubs have thugs hanging around outside is it a coincidence that a lot of shootings are happening in the vicinity of these pot clubs like on Sacramento st. just a few days ago i don’t think so these people get phony excuses to buy pot and then resell on the street which in turn brings the thug element to the area.
    just drive down Sacramento any time of day (except early morning because pot heads don’t wake up early) and observe the thugs hanging out on the corners these guys are spotters for somebody else selling and its not just weed. you people are naive to think it doesn’t have an effect!

  • Sara

    I work next door there everyday and don’t know what you are talking about.

  • Anonymous

    drive down sacramento st close to the pot club and if there isn’t at least 3 or 4 thugs selling drugs on the corners it must be raining…they are there every day of the week!
    shattuck is no different they are just a few blocks farther down between alcatraz and the club.

  • John Holland

    I walk by there all the time. I don’t know what you’re talking about either?

  • John Holland

    Apparently not. But that won’t stop people from trying to make a connection.

  • John Holland

    “3rdGenBerkeley” wrote:

    how can you say it has nothing to do with the pot club?

    Because that would be jumping to conclusions without any evidence. 

  • John Holland

    Actually it may have been the barber shop. Shootings are not uncommon at barbershops. But that doesn’t mean we’re going to close all the barber shops, right?

  • John Holland

    I don’t know if I should find it amusing, troubling, or pathetic how eager people are to exploit this man’s murder, without knowing any details about it. But it’s not surprising.

    If you were one of the victim’s family members, how would you feel reading this comment thread right now? No evidence has been reported that this man who was killed has committed any crimes. There is no evidence that he has any connection to any business in this area, accept the family barber shop. 

    Yet people are going online accusing him of being a drug dealer, purchasing medical cannabis at that specific cannabis club, and selling it on neighborhood streets. Without any evidence. It’s made up. Which, apparently, is not uncommon either.

    There are all kinds of reasons this man may have been killed. It’s telling what explanations certain people gravitate to. And it’s not attractive.

    TL;DR: Branding a dead man as a drug dealer without any evidence before the body is cold? Stay classy, people.

  • Anonymous

    JohnHolland: Thank you for your compassionate comments.  I cannot speak for others, but I can clarify my own personal opinion.  I am in no way accusing the victim of anything.  I do know that a major problem with drugs is that they are associated with gang activity, crimes and guns.  INNOCENT victims often get caught in crossfire – children have been recently killed in nearby Oakland this way.  The children and other family members of this victim need and deserve all of our love and support.  Even in other recent crimes in the area, where the victims were involved in related activity, it is a tragedy for ALL involved and affected.  As I said, this is a ”
    sad event for this young man’s family, his co-workers at the barber shop, our neighborhood and our local Berkeley/Oakland community.” And, I want to say that, personally, I believe there is an issue of community standards here and we as citizens have a right to ask questions about a crime like this.  In my opinion, most crime starts with children who unfortunately don’t have anyone in their lives who loves them enough to say NO.  I grew up in an alcoholic family, and when I started down the wrong path I was fortunate to receive some tough love that helped me make a different choice.  I live around the corner from this incident and bring up the idea of an Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) in SUPPORT of this family, who deserve to get answers of why and how this happened, and for our community as a way to work together proactively to keep this from happening again in the future.  This was a shooting in the style of other local, recent gang- and drug-related hits and another in a series of serious crimes in this area.  There were multiple shots from a semi-automatic weapon, followed by additional shots from a smaller weapon, possibly a 45, followed by additional shots from a semi-automatic weapon.  It was not random.  Innocent victims include many people affected in many ways by this event, and the fear it brings, and we all have a right to answers.

  • Sean

    Reading some of these comments it is funny to me how ignorant people are when it comes to cannabis clubs. 

  • Pot never killed anybody

    You are full of stereotyping and assumption. I’ve been to the club on Sacramento. I’ve been to the one on Shattuck. TOTALLY DIFFERENT CLUBS. Stop your bigotry, you are from Berkeley. 

  • Tired

    As a 3rdGenBerkeleyan, you should know this is south Berkeley and there are always “thugs” hanging out on all the major blocks down here, no matter what businesses are on the block.

  • I’d rather shut down all the corner liquor stores than the pot clubs.  A lot of thugs hang around those too.  My condolences to the family.  This is horrible. 

  • jay

    i will say this and let it be known.. that this young man was a friend of mine and my barber. you all have no clue what you are talking about. he was not a drug dealer this had nothing to do with the pot club which is a hippie pot club that mostly white l go to .. the one down the street from the barber shop.. so this was something else. it had nothing to do with the barber shop. whoever it was knew where he was . thats all the wrong place wrong time.. so please dont talk especially since none of you know this man.. i actuallly live not far from where this happened and go to barber shop every other day. faithfully this guy me and him made jokes about each other .. so please let the police do the job u all dont know him and dont know what u are talking about.

  • Sue

    Shootings have been going on LONG before pot clubs in area.  My friend lived on Prince St above Sacramento 20 years ago and heard gun shots damn near every night.  No pot clubs to blame then.

  • Curtis13001200

    wow 3rd gen I have lived in berkeley all my life and I never known thugs 2 hang around a weed club
    but it seems 2 me like u have a big problem with the Berkeley pot clubs which none allow u to stand
    in and all have security so while this was a tragic don’t try 2 use this family’s loss 2 further your fight
    aginst the medical marijuana sector of Berkeley sounds like u have a real problem

  • Greg


    Perhaps they don’t have their heads in the sand; perhaps it is simply ignorance?  Maybe you could enlighten them?

    You would be doing the community a great service if you would give a very detailed description of these thugs you see daily.  Spare no detail!  

    Additionally, if you could point out exactly which of these observable traits are the defining characteristics of a ‘thug’ we would all be better equipped to neutralize this menace.

  • Anonymous

    Yes – alcohol is a strong drug, and both liquor stores and pot clubs can be magnets for crime when poorly managed.  Cannabis can be used as medicine or abused in many ways.  I’m not suggesting shutting down anything.  I am saying that the solution to crime is for the community to work together, with local businesses that include liquor stores and pot clubs, and our police and other City staff.  As Shakti Gawain said: “You can not cause a shadow to disappear by trying to fight it, stomp on it, by railing against it, or any other form of emotional or physical resistance.  In order to cause a shadow to disappear, you must shine light on it.”  As a community, I hope we can be loving enough to invest the time and effort to work together to prevent future tragedies such as this.  IMHO, healthy love comes with strong boundaries.

  • lauram

    Put down the GUNS! Stop destroying families!

    Considering the number of rounds shot off it is a wonder no one else was hit.

  • Anonymous

    So sorry for your loss, Jay.  It is sad to hear you say that “whoever it was knew where he was” because it seems to suggest this was some kind of grudge shooting and also seems to suggest he was the intended target, even if not related to drugs in any way.  I hope and pray for all  involved to find peace and healthier solutions to conflict in the future.  In my experience over decades in the neighborhood, the barber shop has been a stabilizing influence in the community for the many years it has been there.  Recently, however, neighbors have noticed more people hanging out in the area and this is part of a pattern of activity that has been associated with other similar, local crimes.  So, yes, let’s work as a community to support our excellent Berkeley police in doing a very difficult job.

  • Norakoven

    Can you give me more details on the acupuncture? One of the almost-victims has not slept all night, is extremely anxious and sad, and really needs some help.

  • Anonymous

    i never accused the victim of being a drug dealer…read my posts again. i said the pot clubs attract a bad element to the neighborhood he could have been followed home from the pot club or barber shop by this thug bad element and tried to rob him all i was trying to say was that not only legitimate buyers are attracted to these clubs it is a easy score for bad people to come take advantage of good people the bad element hangs out around the clubs.

  • Anonymous

    it’s also jumping to conclusion to say it absolutely has nothing to do with the club.

  • Anonymous

    so tell me what business a person has doing hanging out on a street corner for hours on end…for you naive people i suppose they are just watching life go by.

  • Anonymous

    typical…how is it bigotry i never mentioned anyone’s race i never even mentioned anyone’s social economic status…it sounds like any time you want to win a argument you say someone is a bigot…it’s sounds like you are the one who is stereotyping, look in the mirror!

  • John Holland

    No it’s not. Zero linkage has been established.

    I also assert this has nothing to do with unicorns. Is that jumping to conclusions also?

  • John Holland

    Shootings are not uncommon around liquor stores.

  • J_maddux

    Why did this turn into an argument about Pot clubs? This had NOTHING to do with the club and I never see any “thugs” hanging outside of the club. This guys was targeted. They new who they were after. To try and say the pot club had anything to do with it is ludicrous. 

  • J_maddux

    *guy *knew. 

  • J_maddux

    It is like saying that the new pharmacy down the street that just opened had something to do with it. They have way more hardcore drugs this pot. Stop targeting the clubs as reasons for violence. It’s not true at all.

  • J_maddux

    Yeah. The pot they sell at the club is marked up ABOVE street value so that it wouldn’t be worth selling on the street. 

  • J_maddux

    No this was a calculated hit. Not a robbery. 

  • Cfevans

    Love or.bulluets or lethal injections… all will work

  • Cfevans

    Correction: bullets.

    ‘Love’ — being most desirable yet the most elusive ‘medicine’ for proven killers.

  • Jmmz

    no you dumb fucker..near the starry plough.. when has there evern been a connect between pot and murder…

  • Jmmz

    actually, thats the best idea so far… indonesian music could make you shoot someone

  • Jmmz

    I lived in this hood for years.. nice place,, Helen,, my elderly neighbor with the 57 vw. 21split window..
    wonder if she is still there………franklin and nancy were married at the Plough,, bar on the corner…
         dont blame it on the pot club,,,good god

  • Anonymous

    Take this person on an emergency basis to Berkeley Mental Health’s clinic on M. L. King JR WY. and request specifically that they meet with the Critical Incident briefer / therapist ASAP for as long as needed.  Call to make an appointment.  Also ask about the Victim Witness program by way of the State of California for longer term mental Health counseling :

  • Karla

    The drug dealing on Sacramento Street centers around Bob’s liquors, not the dispensary.