Shop Talk: The ins and outs of Berkeley businesses

New: Q & Q Jewelry. Photo: Nancy Rubin

NEW JEWELS Brothers John and Moshe Quillinan, just 22 and 24-years-old respectively, have opened Q & Q Estate Jewelry at 1751 Solano Avenue. The brothers, who have been in the estate jewelry and antiques business for over 15 years combined, specialize in fine jewelry, objets d’art, antiques, silverware, precious metals, precious gemstones, pearls, coral, jade, ivory carvings, and fine art. The store is open 12:00-6:00 pm, Tuesday to Saturday, or by appointment by calling 510-846 1521. Q & Q Jewelry will be holding a Grand Opening event, with refreshments and 15% off selected items, on Saturday, February 4th, 6:00-10:00 pm. [Hat-tip: Nancy Rubin]

Shoes on Solano: expanding

BIGGER SHOES Shoes on Solano, at 1774 Solano Avenue, will be expanding into 1770, the space being vacated by Ideologie, a reincarnation of the former Ideas for Elements, which was on Solano for 22 years. The shoe store will add children’s shoes and more stock overall. (Hat-tip: TONA.)

NEW EATERY Adagia restaurant on the corner of College and Bancroft opposite the Cal campus has been closed for many months, ostensibly for renovations. However we  hear from tipster Andrea Foley that a new eating spot, called Freehouse, will open there soon with more “pub-like foods,” such as sandwiches and salads. At the time of writing, Berkeleyside has been unable to confirm details, but we’ll keep you posted — and, as always, we welcome your input.

Old Freight building being transformed into 1111 studio

FENCING FENCE Tipster Sandy Friedland sent us a photo a few days ago of what she describes as “a lovely new entrance and fence” which is going up at the former Freight and Salvage building at 1111 Addison Street. Fittingly, the fence belongs to a new fencing studio being built in the space, which will be called 1111, the address of the venerable building. Workers told Friedland it should open next month.

Multiple Threads: total recycling

PRETTY REUSE Everything at Multiple Threads, at 1820 Solano Avenue, is made from recycled materials — be it leggings made from the arms of sweaters, skirts made from ties, or book covers incorporated into bags. Owner Diane Austen aims for all her offerings to be as “cute as heck” and the products run the gamut from men’s, women’s and children’s clothing to home accessories. The store opened in October 2011 [Hat tip: TONA.]

PHONE IN Looking ahead, the Thousand Oaks Neighborhood Association (TONA) also reports that Verizon Mobile will be opening at 1831 Solano Avenue, the space once occupied by Front Row Video.

Shop Talk is our regular column in which we post updates on Berkeley businesses — openings, closings, new directions, relaunches, relocations. If you’re a Berkeley business with news, or a Berkeleysider who has spotted a change in your neighborhood or on your travels, shoot us an email with the details. Read previous Shop Talk columns here.

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  • Out: Green Papaya Thai Vegetarian
    In: Thanu’s Thai Kitchen

    Based on the comments on the yelp page it sounds like its the same owners with some kitchen and menu changes.

  • Bryan Garcia

    Am I the only one who thinks there are too many Thai restaurants? Most of them are just kind of mediocre, in my opinion.

  • Berkeleywalker

    Sadly, that gorgeous tudor dining room that gave Adagia its character now has a huge stainless steel bar along the inside wall. The addition may make for a more hip scene, but it is sadly out of place in this lovely space. 

  • Meliflaw

    What a terrible idea. Tudoresque can be probably be hip, but stainless steel?

  • elizabeth

    I’m reminded of a quote from John King, the SF Chronicle Urban Design critic: ” …smooth fits may no longer be possible – and that
    the smart approach from here on is to preserve the best of what survives
    from early decades but otherwise set out to bring life and energy to
    the confused terrain that now exists.”  This new restaurant sounds like just what that corner of the campus will welcome.

  • Charles_Siegel

    There are two views about additions to historical buildings.

    As usual, John King follows the conventional modernist view that the addition should be in a distinct style from the original.  I satirize this view in

    Before the twentieth century, there was general consensus that the addition should be compatible with the original.  That is how we got the Capitol in Washington DC, where the addition is so consistent that most people don’t even know it is a new building. 

    That sort of smooth fit is still possible.  John King denies it is possible only because he doesn’t want it to happen.

  • elizabeth

    I agree that, in some instances, that sort of smooth fit is possible.  Perhaps in this particular case (the new restaurant in the old Adagia) there were variables at work (budget, decisions made by those involved as it relates to aesthetics, population of the neighborhood, etc.) that contributed to the design decisions. I see design decisions, as they move forward, into the 21st century, in a more integrative light.  This is just an assumption, however I think that it isn’t that John King doesn’t want it to happen.  He wisely knows that the current climate is no longer conducive, as it might have been in the past.

  • Berkeley Woman

    I agree! In addition to Cha’am, does anyone have any particularly good ones to recommend. There was a fine one at Fulton and Bancroft for years, but it closed, while so many mediocre ones continue to exist in downtown Berkeley.

  • Berkeley Woman

    So sorry to see Elements and Ideologie disappear! They had such wonderful, unusual clothes! Is there anything else like them?

  • Rachel

    Anchalee on Dwight at San Pablo is DElish and has a lovely atmosphere.

  • Russellbooks

    If two young men in the business above… ages 22 and 24.. have been as you state in the estate and antique business for 15 years combined… they must be an especially precocious couple of lads.. having started at such an early age.  

  • Judyhalftoes

    I completely agree with this endorsement of Anchalee. Excellent food, impressive presentation, and at a great price. 

  • Anonymous

    Anchalee, and Soi 4 (in Rockridge) are the best IMO

  • Charles_Siegel

    In my opinion, John King is a narrow-minded modernist.  For a few criticisms of his writing, see:

    The comment that you quoted was from King’s review of the Shing Center.  Koshland Hall is a better alternative that is right next to Shing Center.  See pictures of the two at

  • JohnQ

     We are indeed, Russellbooks. I purchased my first piece of gold Jewelry in a garage sale when I was 5-6 and my brother Moshe when he was 6-7 (we both started at about the same time.) :)

  • Chris

    I enjoy Anchalee too with their consisten quality, but they too suffer from too much sweetness…

  • Chris