Berkeley church holds preach-in on global warming

Jennifer Rice of St. Mark's Social Justice Committee helps create environmental Valentine's cards for Senator Feinstein. Photo: Tim Sullivan

By Tim Sullivan    

On Sunday, Berkeley’s St. Mark’s Episcopal Church took part in a national preach-in on global warming which linked hundreds of congregations across the country together as they reflected on their responsibility towards the planet and social action.

The Reverend Arthur Boone linked the responsibility for Christians to act on the issue of global warming to Christ’s admonition to love one another. Citing Paul’s letter to the Corinthians “Love does not insist on its own way…,” the Reverend argued that the United States, with 3% of the world’s population, cannot in good conscience continue to consumer 25% of the world’s energy resources. “If we are to love our fellow humans, we cannot insist on our own way of consuming ever more energy,” he said.

During coffee hour following the service, Jennifer Rice of St. Mark’s spearheaded a postcard-writing campaign to Senator Barbara Feinstein. The postcards, with a Valentine’s Day theme, asked that Congress love the earth and oppose current legislative efforts to block the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to enforce the Clean Air Act.

St. Mark’s was one of hundreds of congregations participating in the preach-in on global warming. The participation by St. Mark’s is characteristic of  this Berkeley congregation whose Social Justice Committee is actively involved in feeding the homeless. The national organizing effort was spearheaded by Interfaith Power and Light.

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  • Sally

    Way to go, St. Mark’s!  Epworth United Methodist Church also took part in the preach-in.  Sermon to be posted here:

  • aperson

    Preaching that the Earth is flat won’t make it so either.

  • Interesting how the “Interfaith Power and Light” organization was brought up here. Before we proceed to believe they are infallible, I’d suggest everyone look into just exactly how they arrived at their position on global warming, and the moral implications surrounding the treatment of skeptic climate scientists.

    I wrote an online article in Dec 2010 where I concluded with the following sentences; “So which is the bigger sin?  Failing to stop a so-called global warming crisis which has increasing credibility problems with its underlying science assessments, or breaking the 9th Commandment in order to be sure [skeptic] scientists’ criticisms aren’t taken seriously?”  Please see: “The Case of the Curious Climate Covenant”