Adopt a pet: Mammy, a friendly, easygoing cat

Mammy is friendly, easygoing, and not skittish at all

Mammy was the “mascot” for two years at Merced Animal Shelter. Everyone loved her. When the shelter became too crowded for her to have her own space, she was going to be euthanized. The staff begged Milo to take this lovely cat, and we did, even though we knew that an 8-year old, toothless cat would not be an easy adoption!

Mammy’s foster mom’s notes: “Mammy is very friendly, easygoing, and not skittish at all. She just goes with the flow. Very quickly she made herself at home. She spends her time perching in the window or sleeping on my bed, looking for belly rubs, and is eager to meet new people.”

Mammy previously contracted the Herpes virus, which attacked her gums, hence Mammy has no teeth now. Her little tongue sticks out sometimes because of it. She only eats wet food, since she cannot chew hard dry food anymore. Herpes affects the upper respiratory system and causes a cat to sneeze, cough, or have a runny nose or eyes when having an outbreak. Mammy has been fostered in the East Bay since August, with never an outbreak.

Feline Herpes is only contagious to other cats that have not been vaccinated for the virus (not to humans or other species). (According to vets, most felines have been exposed to the Herpes virus in their lifetimes. Only some actually develop the disease.)

Mammy does not mind the company of dogs or children, and would be a great addition to any household.

Come meet Mammy at our next East Bay mobile adoption event on Sunday March 4th, 12-4, at 1840 Fourth Street in Berkeley.

Berkeleyside’s weekly column, “Adopt a Pet”, hopes to help match pets with a home and loving owners in our community. We partner with the Milo Foundation to introduce, every Saturday, just one of the many pets that can be adopted. The Milo Foundation, a nonprofit, no-kill organization, provides an alternative for homeless pets throughout Northern California, through education, adoption services, and sanctuary until permanent homes can be found. Contact them directly to find out about many other animals that are available for adoption.

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  • Berkeleyfarm

    I’ll note, for anyone thinking about adopting this adorable girl, that a little L-Lysine in the food will help with the symptoms thing. 

    One of mine had it for years and I didn’t know until she got a steroid shot and became symptomatic.  Unfortunately my other two got it as a result, but their symptoms are being managed with the L-Lysine. 

  • RoseMarry123

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  • guest

    seeing as Mammy is spayed, she’s probably not terribly concerned about the impact of the FHV on her dating life.