Live coverage: Berkeley community meeting after murder

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  • iicisco

    Nobody available in the fire station? Lets see it houses two engines. Only one is staffed full time. If it’s out of service who do you expect to be there?

  • Fire station 7 was empty because the firefighters were out on a call attending a house fire at 646 Vincente Avenue. This was addressed in the meeting.

  • BHills

    I submitted the written question about how quickly a policy of always having at least one firefighter on duty at every fire station can be implemented.  I was completely dissatisfied with Susan Wengraf’s response which you accurately report.

    Mr. Cukor obviously expected to find the fire station staffed.  Without thinking about it at all, I realize that I expected fire stations to be staffed at all times.  Someone else overhead comments on this issue and selected the term ‘abandoned’ to describe a fire station without staff present.  The speaker was not posturing as this was a private conversation.  I understood her language to say that she, too, expects someone to be at fire stations at all times.  And since fire stations are designated surrender sites for newborns, fire stations must be designed to have someone on duty at all times in case a newborn is brought there.

    Most importantly, had somebody been at the fire station when Mr. Cukor went there seeking help, the outcome of his situation would have been completely different.  For all of these reasons, I propose that Berkeley immediately adopt this policy.

    Distressingly, there was no representation of the fire department at the event last night.  Based on a remark by Susan Wengraf, I assume that she did not invite fire department participation.  Equally distressingly, both Wengraf and Capitelli dismissed this suggestion out of hand.  Both cited the fact that there is some expense associated with this proposal.  Of course, the did this without input from the fire chief.

    I don’t know about you, but I would give a lot to have the opportunity literally to save someone’s life.

  • iicisco

    I’d like to inform you that not all seven station exc county, are safe surrender sites. Station 2 is the only one I know of.