The Berkeley Wire: 03.09.12

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  • Batard
  • Peldor

    This seems a very big story raising serous questions about the Chief’s judgment.  And what does it say about the press’s relationship with BPD that Chief Meehan and Sgt. Kusmiss thought it made sense to pay a midnight visit to a reporter’s house to insist on changes in an article? Do we have an independent press in this town?   

  • luckypablo

    Why is Berkeleyside repeatedly linking to Becky O’Malley?  Her “articles” tend to be ad homimen attacks on Mayor Bates and nefarious real estate developers or other conspirators who want to change Berkeley.   

    In this week’s rant about downtown development she spouts tired cliches about the  “Manhattanization” of downtown Berkeley and people behind the scenes running Berkeley.  Ms. O’Malley provides little, if any, actual analysis and few facts.  If you disagree with Ms. O’Malley you are apparently naive, selfish, stupid or rich.  

    Her argument that Berkeley voters were “suckered” into voting for Measure R is absurd.  The people of Berkeley and the Sierra Club are not fools, despite O’Malley’s condescending attitude suggesting they didn’t understand their actions in supporting Measure R.  Get over it, Ms. O’Malley.  You lost–and it wasn’t because those who disagreed with you were not as smart and wise as you.  Finally, if Berkleleyside is going to give O’Malley’s columns its imprimatur, I strongly suggest it carefully review inclusion of particular columns in its news aggregations.

  • luckypablo: For the daily Berkeley Wire we scan the news wires to provide a round-up of recently published articles about Berkeley. 

    Our decision to include an article is not based on whether we agree with the opinions expressed therein. And by including an article we are not, as you suggest, endorsing it. 

    We aim to be comprehensive, that’s all.

  • luckypablo

    Thank you, but then I don’t understand why you pick out O’Malley’s opinion pieces over most of the other Berkeley Daily Planet material.  

    Otherwise, thanks for all the good work.