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Weather change: Find your umbrella, prepare for rain

Weather coming in 2
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The weather is a-changin’. Remember rain? It’s forecast to return this week, and there’s a good chance you’ll need umbrellas or waterproofs from Sunday onwards. Wunderground predicts a steady increase in pluvial possibilities: 40% chance of rain Sunday, 50% Monday, 60% Tuesday and Wednesday and 70% on Thursday.

Blue Bottle offers consolation to Café Fanny patrons

Blue Bottle at Cafe Fanny
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There was some consolation for patrons turning up to Café Fanny this morning for breakfast only to discover it had closed down permanently yesterday: a Blue Bottle cart had set up shop in the parking lot next to Café Fanny, and no doubt the Oakland-brewed coffee was welcomed, although many are pining for the departed eatery’s beignets, bowls of café au lait and signature granola. [Hat-tip: Aaron Glimme.]

Café Fanny, which was co-owned by Alice Waters of Chez Panisse fame, closed abruptly … Continue reading »

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Best of Berkeleyside: This week’s most popular posts

No more poached eggs on Acme levain toast at Café Fanny, as the Alice Waters eatery closed this week after 28 years. Photo: Tracey Taylor

The week started with a jolt as Berkeley was shaken awake with two strong earthquakes at 5:33 am on Monday morning. That same morning we reported on a multiple shooting on Bonar Street that had happened the night before. And two days later we revealed new information about a Berkeley street shoot-out in December.

However crime is actually on the decrease in Berkeley, as our story on the latest crime statistics showed.

A second large residential fire in five months had us on the street with the fire crews on Thursday morning; while another type of drama erupted on Thursday when we broke the news that Café Fanny was closing its doors after 28 years in Berkeley. Alice Waters told us the café had ceased to be “a happy place.”

The likelihood that downtown Berkeley will one day have taller buildings and more open spaces provoked heated discussion, while one developer’s solution for urban density, the smallest legal apartment, prompted even more debate.

The week ended with all eyes on Police Chief Michael Meehan, who, after hosting a community meeting to answer questions about the BPD’s response to the Feb. 18 murder of Peter Cukor, sent an officer to a reporter’s house in the middle of the night demanding changes to an article.

This week, between Monday and Friday, Berkeleysiders left a total of 547 comments and 1,359 Facebook “Likes” on our stories. And the good news is, there’s now another outlet on Berkeleyside for you to express your opinions. Check out our newly launched op/ed section: Opinionator.

Like what you read on Berkeleyside? Want more where that comes from? Support local journalism by becoming a subscriber.

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At 12:45 a.m., police chief demands reporter make changes

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Update 2:30 pm. City officials respond to incident:

Statement from Interim City Manager Christine Daniel:

I take this situation very seriously. We understand and appreciate the depth of response to this incident.  The value of the free press in our society is fundamental to who we are as a people. Our organization deeply values our relationship with the media, and individual reporters, and we know that our community depends on the media for information about important events in Berkeley.

The Police Chief has apologized directly to the reporter involved and expressed his sincere regret for his actions on Thursday night.  There was no justification for contacting the reporter in this way and the Chief understands that the more appropriate response to his concerns about inaccurate statements in the article should have been to wait until the following day and make contact by phone or email. The Chief has acknowledged his lapse in judgment and assured me that nothing like this will happen again. … Continue reading »

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Adopt a pet: Charlotte’s adorable puppies, more puppies

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Three of these adorable puppies are still available: Leia, Yoda and Wolfy. Come meet them today, Saturday March 10th, 12-4, at the Milo Foundation mobile adoption event at Rockridge Pet Food Express store on Broadway at 51st Street. We will have ten puppies, and many dogs and cats coming also.

These puppies, now nine weeks old, are the offspring of the little Poodle/Lhasa-looking mom Charlotte. Wonderful sweeties.  Active and very funny.

Unbelievably, this mom and her adorable little babies were found wandering in a field in the Dos Palos area of Merced County. Yet another crazy story in the overflowing “puppy season” so far this year. … Continue reading »

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