Blue Bottle offers consolation to Café Fanny patrons

A Blue Bottle coffee cart set up shop Saturday morning in the parking lot that served the now shuttered Café Fanny. Photo: Aaron Glimme

There was some consolation for patrons turning up to Café Fanny this morning for breakfast only to discover it had closed down permanently yesterday: a Blue Bottle cart had set up shop in the parking lot next to Café Fanny, and no doubt the Oakland-brewed coffee was welcomed, although many are pining for the departed eatery’s beignets, bowls of café au lait and signature granola. [Hat-tip: Aaron Glimme.]

Café Fanny, which was co-owned by Alice Waters of Chez Panisse fame, closed abruptly this week after serving Berkeleyans for 28 years.

“It’s the end of a generation: Fanny has grown up” [03.09.12]
Alice Waters’ Cafe Fanny in west Berkeley to close [03.08.12]

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  • TizziLish

    Ms. Taylor, I am impressed that Berkeleyside has posted two new stories today — on a Saturday! Yikes, what abundance for us fans.

  • Rastapopoulos

    This is terrible news! Cafe Fanny was a Berkeley institution for so many years, it will be sorely missed.

  • Linda Pruitt

    Cafe Fanny was the place to go, to show out-of-towners some real way-out Berzerkeleyites!

  • Ugh, Blue Bottle is snobby to the point of ridiculousness. Their Ferry Building location refuses to make espresso or macchiato to go; you have to lard up on cappuccino. The manager at their Williamsburg location yelled at me for daring to walk into the store at 3pm on a Friday (a magazine photo shoot was under way, and no one had bothered to post a sign). At the Mint Plaza location my friend (who I insisted walk several blocks out of the way so I could show her Blue Bottle) got grief for taking her mocha to go.

    If anyone from Blue Bottle is reading this, please STAY OUT of this down-to-earth neighborhood. Fanny was a bit pricey but overall a friendly, laid back place for people of all ages. There are FAR cooler neighborhoods for your chain store employees to be rude in, trust me. Try Temescal.