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The Berkeley Wire: 03.15.12

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Check in with Berkeleyside’s weekly Adopt a Pet story

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Berkeleyans love their pets — even if they don’t always love what some of them leave behind on the sidewalks and walking trails.

But there are still too many dogs, cats and other pets that are bought and then abandoned, left out in the wild to die, or simply neglected. That’s where organizations like The Milo Foundation and local animal shelters step in.

Berkeleyside has partnered with The Milo Foundation to highlight some of the pets locally that are looking for a loving home.

Every Saturday, we profile a pet, or pets — be it a trio of adorable puppies, Dani and her offspring Donald or Mammy, the cat that became Milo’s mascot — in the hope that someone will scoop them up and give them a home, whether permanent or as a foster carer. … Continue reading »

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Getting ahead: Artist adds fun to Berkeley streetscape

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Visitors to the Elmwood shopping district on College Avenue may have spotted something a little unusual recently.

While Berkeleyans are no strangers to pop-up street art — be it yarnbombed lamposts or front yard sculpture — the heads that have appeared on defunct parking meter posts there are particularly striking. Reminiscent of heads on a stake, with some vaguely sacrificial undertones perhaps?

The heads, which are made of cement and ceramic, are the work of artist Lynne-Rachel Altman who lives in the Elmwood and has a studio in East Oakland.

The idea sprang from a conversation Altman had a few months ago with her 14-year old daughter who complained that she couldn’t find a place to park her bike on College Avenue because they had removed the parking meter heads when they installed the new parking machines. … Continue reading »

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Berkeley’s largest cannabis dispensary to close May 1

Cannabis plants for sale at Berkeley Patients Group. Photo: Frances Dinkelspiel
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Medical cannabis patients in Berkeley will have a more difficult time getting marijuana after Berkeley Patient’s Group shuts down on May 1.

California Watch is reporting today that BPG has signed a legal agreement with its landlord, David Mayeri, to vacate the premises. The agreement came after Mayeri received a letter from U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag warning him there might be financial or legal repercussions if distribution of cannabis did not cease at that location.

“Berkeley Patients Group agrees to cease all cannabis-related activities and remove all cannabis-related property from the premises by May 1, 2012,” a legal document filed Feb. 28 in Alameda County Court states, according to California Watch.

Berkeleyside reported yesterday that Mayeri had put his property at 2747 San Pablo Avenue up for sale for $2.55 million. … Continue reading »

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Out in Berkeley: Get your Irish on for St Patrick’s Day

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With all the requisite ethnic politicking surrounding the fast approaching presidential election, the question of Barack Obama’s Irish-American coattails is once again salient. As the Dublin-born, Oakland-based singer Shay Black discovered with an acappella version of the Corrigan Brothers’ ditty “There’s No One as Irish as Barack Obama,” the urge to claim the half-Kenyan Hawaiian as a kinsman is potent indeed.

After the genealogy website ancestry.co.uk announced that Obama’s great great great grandfather, Falmouth Kearney, was born in County Offaly, and sailed from Ireland to New York City in 1850, the Corrigan Brothers posted a video of their tongue-in-cheek tune on YouTube.

Black, who hails from Ireland’s preeminent musical family, revamped the song and recorded it as a sing-along at Berkeley’s Starry Plough. His 2008 YouTube video of the performance became an internet sensation, garnering more than 1.2 million hits, and possibly nudging the course of the campaign. … Continue reading »

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