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The Berkeley Wire: 03.19.12

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DA serves stay-away order on Occupy Cal protesters

A number of people charged in connection with Occupy Cal protests on Nov. 9 2011 were today served with a stay-away order, according to Assistant District Attorney Teresa Drenick.

Drenick confirmed that protesters being arraigned in Alameda County Superior Court today were given an order that they stay away from all UC property, except when going to and from class, and/or to and from employment and class or work.

More than a dozen people charged in connection with Occupy Cal protests are being arraigned and it is not clear whether the stay-away order applies to all of them.

The charges stem from a confrontation between thousands of students, faculty and staff and UC Police and Alameda County sheriff’s deputies on Nov. 9 2011. Videos of the clash went viral, sparking criticism of the way the university handled the situation. UC Police defended their actions in an open letter to the community. … Continue reading »

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Berkeley youth fueled by hometown’s political heritage

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By Shannon Miller

Tomorrow, the Berkeley City Council will recognize the Berkeley Delegation of Youth & Government for its accomplishments this year.

The YMCA’s California Youth & Government program is a model legislature and court for Californian high school students, which culminates every February with a conference in Sacramento where the state’s delegates get to take over the capital city for five days and practice the processes of government (known as Sac).

Berkeley has had a delegation involved in Y&G for a long time, but, over the past eight years, and under the direction of lead advisor Nathan Dahl from Berkeley High, the Berkeley Delegation has grown from just seven delegates when Dahl arrived in 2004 to nearly 70 in 2012. … Continue reading »

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48 Berkeley teachers get preliminary layoff notices

BUSD administrators will hold budget hearing on March 29 in city council chambers
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Late last week, 48 teachers in the Berkeley Unified School District opened their mailboxes to find bad news: a pink slip.

In order to meet state mandates, the district sent out preliminary layoff notices to 28 probationary teachers and 20 permanent faculty, according to Cathy Campbell, president of the Berkeley Federation of Teachers. Twenty-one of the notices went to teachers at Berkeley High, mostly in the English, Science, and Spanish departments, she said.

The number “was higher than I expected,” said Campbell.

The notices don’t mean that the layoffs will necessarily happen, but the teachers’ contract required they get word by last week.  Final notices will be issued on May 15. … Continue reading »

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BHS girls basketball team to state championships

BHS basketball
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Berkeley High’s stellar girls’ basketball team (29-2) trounced Kennedy of Sacramento 56-38 Saturday night to secure its 11th appearance in the Division 1 state championship game.

Arizona State-bound Elisha Davis made four three-pointers and scored 17 points, and Desire Finnie and Rachel Howard added 13 points each.

The title is Berkeley’s record 11th in 15 regional title game appearances. The last time the Yellowjackets won a state title was in 1997.

This, on the same weekend that Berkeley High graduate Brittany Boyd, now a freshman point guard for Cal, showed everyone how it’s done by helping Cal secure a 84-74 victory over Iowa in her first NCAA tournament appearance. … Continue reading »

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Bleak images as Berkeley store closes for remodeling

Safeway2 The Real Michael Moore
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There’s something almost post-apocalyptic about these photographs of Safeway on Shattuck Avenue taken just before it closed its doors on Saturday in order to undergo an expansion and complete renovation.

The bare shelves and exposed shabbiness caught the imagination of two of Berkeleyside’s regular contributing photographers: Joe Parks and Michael Moore.

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