DA serves stay-away order on Occupy Cal protesters

A number of people charged in connection with Occupy Cal protests on Nov. 9 2011 were today served with a stay-away order, according to Assistant District Attorney Teresa Drenick.

Drenick confirmed that protesters being arraigned in Alameda County Superior Court today were given an order that they stay away from all UC property, except when going to and from class, and/or to and from employment and class or work.

More than a dozen people charged in connection with Occupy Cal protests are being arraigned and it is not clear whether the stay-away order applies to all of them.

The charges stem from a confrontation between thousands of students, faculty and staff and UC Police and Alameda County sheriff’s deputies on Nov. 9 2011. Videos of the clash went viral, sparking criticism of the way the university handled the situation. UC Police defended their actions in an open letter to the community.

Cal English Professor Celeste Langan, who was one of those charged in connection to the protests, pleaded not guilty in court on Friday. Prof. Langan, who became well-known after a video was posted on You Tube showing a UC Berkeley police officer grabbing her hair and yanking her to the ground, was charged with resisting arrest and remaining on the scene of a riot.

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  • Soulmusic11

     Well, friends, our civil liberties are no more.

    In June 2010 the U.S. Supreme Court in Holder vs. Humanitarian Law made it possible to criminalize free speech advocating lawful, non-violent activity.

    In December President Obama signed a law permitting United States citizens to be held indefinitely without trial.

    Recently the President granted the CIA and other shadowy forces permission to target U.S. citizens for execution without formally charging them with a crime.

    Now our local District Attorney is pre-empting people from participating in demonstration on the campus of a public university, supposedly owned (and funded) by the people of the State of California.

    The powers-that-be have effectively destroyed American freedom in little more than a decade. I wonder if –as conditions of life deteriorate for most citizens– they are expecting massive protests and unrest and planning for them in advance by putting in place these egregious laws.

    Osam bin-Laden, you have won. You could not have imagined how successful you would be in destroying what was left of the real American dream: a country where one could free to speak out, protest and dissent under the rule of law.

  • Annie

    Orwell was right. It’s the liberal/progressive forces that are the biggest threat to individuals. Obama, Holder, even Birgeneau are left/liberal in their thinking, but the inevitable result is a desire to crush dissent & non-conformance.

    You’d think we’d have learned by now!

  • Jesse Townley

     I would imagine it’s more an issue of proximity to power, rather than a simple matter of left & right. Consider that the right has a long, long history of repression around the planet and in our country.

  • dsd510

    Wow, how ridiculous. Stay-away orders? Over this? You’d think they were arrested for stalking or violence not protest.