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The Berkeley Wire: 03.20.12

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Shop Talk: The ins and outs of Berkeley businesses

Chocolatier Blue Parlor: serving ice cream
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FASHION MOVE Designer boutique Keneuoe Vivere, which opened its store at 2951 College Avenue in the Elmwood in 2009, is closing its retail operation in order to focus on personal design services. The store’s last day was Sunday March 18. Keneuoe Designs is holding its first Retail Account Opening celebrating spring at Rue Atelier (just down the street from the former boutique, at 2981 College), on Saturday March 24, from 1-5pm. There will be a sale as well as complimentary wardrobe styling.

FROZEN REDUX The Fourth Street spot once occupied by the much loved Sketch Ice Cream is now offering frozen goodies, so all is well with the world. The Chocolatier Blue Parlor is serving gourmet ice cream and ice cream based treats under the supervision of pastry chef Danyelle Forte. Market-fresh, often locally sourced and organic ingredients go towards making a menu of sundaes, shakes, floats and freezes. … Continue reading »

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City to admonish UC Berkeley over artwork blunder

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Three years ago UC Berkeley inadvertently sold a major work of art by one of Berkeley’s most noted artists for a mere $150 plus taxes. The piece, a 22-ft long carving by Sargent Johnson, arguably California’s most famous African American artist, is valued at over $1 million and eventually found a home at the Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens in San Marino.

Details of the whole painful saga were chronicled by Carol Pogash in the New York Times in February.

Now, three of Berkeley’s city councilmembers are expressing their disappointment with the university and calling for some accountability. Not least, they want to ensure that a companion piece to Sargent’s carving, which was originally designed to cover organ pipes at the old California School for the Deaf and Blind in Berkeley, now the Clark Kerr campus, is kept safe and sound in Berkeley. … Continue reading »

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Art show culmination of rigorous process for BHS students

"Big Teeth" by Rachel Sullivan
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This isn’t the official reason for the event, but a Berkeley High School exhibition Thursday evening will show that when public school students have the chance to pursue art, the results can be dazzling.

The fifth annual Berkeley International High School Art Exhibition will include work from 64 juniors and seniors: not only paintings and sculpture, but also everything from lithographs to performance art and stop motion animation.

Displayed alongside each student’s set of pieces will be artist statements that … Continue reading »

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Big Screen Berkeley: Where the Sidewalk Ends

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Fill your brain with enough ephemera, and eventually you’ll lose track of some of it. Consider the case of Where the Sidewalk Ends, an Otto Preminger noir cum police procedural screening at 7:00 pm on Thursday, March 22nd as part of Pacific Film Archive’s ongoing series, “Dark Past: Film Noir by German Emigrés.”

Though I’d seen Where the Sidewalk Ends in the past, my addled brain had long since conflated it with Fritz Lang’s 1956 crime drama While the City Sleeps — perhaps in part because both films are headlined by Dana Andrews. Of course, Lang was an Austrian, technically disqualifying his work from this series. Then again, Preminger was born in the Ukraine: perhaps PFA should have called this series “Film Noir by Citizens of the Former Habsburg Empire.” Maybe next time. … Continue reading »

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Film about Bertolt Brecht being shot at Berkeley City Club

Witness 11 by Sandy Friedland
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Noticed some anachronistic goings-on down at the Berkeley City Club on Durant? Why, that would be because Berkeley writer/director Sean Mitchell and his production crew are shooting Witness 11, a short film based on the testimony of German poet and playwright Bertolt Brecht during the height of the 1940s Red Scare.

Sandy Friedland spotted the film crew on location on Sunday and sent in the photos shown here. “You should see some of the clothes they were wearing,” she writes. “Lots of bright red lipstick and hats on the women and suits and ties for the gentlemen. I swear my mother wore the same dresses and hats the week she married my father.”

Witness 11 draws on historical events through the eyes of Brecht as he is called to testify in front of the House Un-American Activities Committee. His testimony followed the famous Hollywood 10 who were sent to jail for refusing to answer questions from lawmakers. Brecht did answer questions. … Continue reading »

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