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Best of Berkeleyside: This week’s most popular posts

Safeway on Shattuck before it closed for renovations. Photo: TheRealMichaelMoore

On Tuesday, Berkeley approved a plan for its downtown area which had been seven long years in the making. Watch — eventually — for a few more tall(ish) buildings and more open spaces to accompany the ongoing streets clean-up.

Otherwise, all our top stories  this week were in the educational domain, as 48 Berkeley Unified teachers received layoff notices, the city’s pioneering edible schoolyard programs came under threat, plans to expand Jefferson Elementary School came under scrutiny, as did significant declines in math and English proficiency at Berkeley High.

Images by two of our contributing photographers of a bleak-looking, pre-renovation Safeway store, also grabbed people’s imagination this week.


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Adopt a pet: Meet Max, handsome and affectionate

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Come meet this sweet gentleman at our East Bay adoption event today, 12am-4pm, at the Rockridge Pet Food Express store in Oakland. Broadway/51st Street.

Max is a magnificent older cat who still has a lot of life in him and love to give. He was a staff favorite when first rescued in 2011. He was adopted to a wonderful family, but needed to be surrendered because one of the human siblings developed bad allergies.

At 11 years old, he’s in great health. He is current on all his shots. As you can see from his photo, he’s very handsome and he’s also affectionate and sweet. A real gentleman, he purrs when you brush him!

So, Max has yet another turn to find his perfect home. He’s gentle, gets along well with other cats, and is fine with dogs. He has many admirers, and all it takes is for someone special to step up to adopt him. … Continue reading »